my name is.... not important.
welcome to my website!
i am a philosopher, an artist, a vagabond, a vampire, a ghost...!


06-01-2023: re-did book list
05-27-2023: created an archive page
04-09-2023: altered about page a bit
01-15-2023: added jerma shrine
12-05-2022: added my doll collection
12-03-2022: updated art and book pges
08-18-2022: added succession shrine
08-05-2022: added who goes there lyrics
06-12-2022: added saiki k shrine
05-30-2022: added favorite characters page ♡!
05-25-2022: re-did my fanfic list page...again
04-30-2022: added 5 star crest lyrics
04-19-2022: re-did contact and links pages
04-18-2022: re-did music page
03-05-2022: added ranking robert pattinson movies
02-02-2022: updated index a bit....
01-06-2022: added the 'hellfire estate'. book your trip to a virtual haunted house today
12-28-2021: re-did / updated art page
12-25-2021: added yung lean shrine
12-12-2021: re-did book list (again)
11-11-2021: added article ranking timothée chalamet movies, updated movie list and book list
10-25-2021: updated art and blog pages.
10-16-2021: updated index, about, music, and book list pages.
09-06-2021: updated book list, movie list, music list.
07-16-2021: added article top 10 always sunny episodes
05-30-2021: added article ranking jake gyllenhaal movies
05-16-2021: replaced "movie recs" with "movie list"
04-14-2021: updated index page lol
04-13-2021: updated article why kurt cobain hated "smells like teen spirit" (added SNL performance)
04-11-2021: updated article what really happened to kurt cobain?
03-24-2021: added article mayhem
03-10-2021: added article why kurt cobain hated "smells like teen spirit"
03-05-2021: added music
02-21-2021: added movie recs
01-30-2021: added what really happened to kurt cobain? article, updated kurt cobain shrine
01-15-2021: added sadboys article
01-02-2021: added kurt cobain shrine
12-05-2020: edited index + contact
11-29-2020: re-did index & links pages, added new shrine x, added this log... hi