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i unironically LOVE anime/manga and have for many years. im hoping to add more reviews in the future if i can stop being lazy.
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I think if you look at this movie as a romance movie you will probably think, ok this sucks. But to understand this movie I think it should be looked at as the story of this guy's life and how he is wasting it away. I think this story demonstrates the feeling of connecting with someone and the pain of losing that connection. Takaki was able to connect to Akari, and after they lost contact, his entire life he was continuing to chase that connection. In his teenage years, we are shown an outsider's perspective, Kanae. She likes Takaki, but comes to the realization he is nice to everyone because his mind is so far away, he is constantly looking for something that is not her. In his adult life, we get a glimpse at a relationship he apparently was in for 3 years, and how she broke up with him because "their hearts were only able to come closer by 1 centimeter". Takaki could never move passed that feeling of connection he once had, and therefore wasted his entire life away searching for it again. We are shown Akari, and how she is happy and engaged to someone, clearly having moved on, as opposed to Takaki who was never again able to become happy or be close to someone.
I feel like this movie resonates more if youve had that feeling of connection and subsequent loss. Like the feeling of searching for that same relationship/feeling with new people you meet, but it never comparing to the original thing you once felt. As I've said, I think this story is an example of someone wasting their life away searching for that sense of connection. I didn't really like this movie at first because I was expecting some nice exciting romance drama like Kimi no Na Wa, and then got this super depressing story, but I like it more when thinking about it as just the perspective of this lonely guy whose life is fucked up because his heart broke and never got repaired. The montage at the end is the icing on the sadness cake. I think this movie is worth watching because sad stories like this do deserve to be told, however it was kind of depressing for my taste. Also, certain parts felt like they dragged on a bit or were pointless, specifically the 2nd part. I understand where they were going with it, but still. I liked this movie but I would probably never watch it again. 7.5/10


If there is any media that has shaped my life and general personality it would be Cowboy Bebop. It has been a little while since I've watched it, but I've rewatched it so many times I'm pretty sure I have every line ingrained in my memory. I think there are so many layers to this story and it only gets better the more you watch it.
At first you think, oh sweet 90's space cowboy show, but as you slowly get flashbacks on Spike's old life, you start to slowly get clued in on his situation. He is living in a dream he can never wake up from. It's like the real him died and he is just living in a shadow of his former self. He went to die to find out if he was really alive anymore in the first place.
This show taught me a lot about holding onto the past and where that gets you. While Spike is one of my idols that I emulate in my day to day life, he is also a man who could never let go of the past, and it lead to his own demise. I think this is an important lesson for anyone to learn.
As for all other normal review stuff, the story is told epicly, I am a huge fan of episodic shows that slowly clue you in to an underlying deeper plotline. It has one of the best soundtracks of all time and some of the best animation of all time. (I'm sure you dont need me to tell you that).
While Spike is my favorite, I love all of the main cast, especially Faye. To me, she represents a person becoming an adult that the old you wouldn't even recognize. All of the characters go on their own arc, which is really cool. Even though it is a bittersweet story that is part of what makes it so amazing. If anyone were to ask me what my favorite anime is, this is always it. This show has inspired me to become a true space cowboy, 100000000000/10 BANG!


This manga is about a world dominated by magic users vs normal humans and some other wacky shit.
The story is honestly so good and for the first half of the manga it is entirely shrouded in mystery, you are completely like "Wtf is happening? Was that the guy from chapter 18? Could this be related to that??" When i was reading the first like 2/3's probably I was making theories on theories because it's so exciting to read it and try to put all the pieces together. Even after you find out what's actually going on it is still really good (although tbh I was having more fun in the first half or so, but again it's still good).
The characters or more specifically the GROUPS of characters are what make this manga so awesome in my opinion. You have the lizard man and his bff, En's family, and the Cross Eyes. Even though En's family are technically the villains, they are by far my favorites and I think pretty much anyone reading would be rooting for them by the end of the story. I do also like Kaiman a lot, hes a great mc even though hes absent for literally half the story. I'm neutral on the cross eyes but Riku is really cool.
My favorite characters are En and Fujita. En is so insane and awesome and loves his cat. I remember the most intense part of the series to me was when he died and everyone was racing so hard to try to revive him, their last hope! And when he did finally return, it was so glorious I literally cried. Speaking of bringing him back, we can all thank Fujita for that. Fujita is my other favorite, I think he goes through the best character arc out of anyone in the story. One of my favorite/most memorable quotes from any animanga ever is
Ebisu: "You'll die if you go out there..."
Fujita: "It doesn't matter. No one cares."
Fujita is a self deprecating loser errand boy, but single handedly brings back everyones only hope, En. He fights hard to be cool and he is very admirable to me.
The world they live in is really interesting (the magic users/how their powers work, the demons, hole, etc.). The art style is very unique and good. The ending ties up everything nicely, but may have been slightly rushed, but still good. This story has heavily inspired me in my own writings and shown me first hand that villains can and should be likeable and cool. 10/10 can't wait for the anime.
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This movie is the embodiment of that feeling of waking up and the memory of your dream is drifting away, and the more you try to remember the quicker it falls out of your head. This movie has a level of mysticism, romance, and suspense that is unlike any other movie ive seen. There are several moments that make your hair stand up on your neck and your heart drop cold. I have rewatched it so many times and I love it so much.
I think the story is very unique but still maintains the romance and comedy as well. There are several moments that stand out to me, for example when Taki first realizes the city of Itomori is gone and Mitsuha has been dead for 3 years, when they finally meet during kataware-doki and are writing their names on each others hands and suddenly the pen drops and the music stops, or when near the end the credit music starts playing and they still haven't remembered each other or met up again. This movie is filled with insane moments like these. The suspense and drama of the latter half of the movie is very edge of your seat, ohhh my god is he going to save her, are they going to be able to remember each other, ahhhhh holy shit. I could honestly recite the entire movie scene by scene at this point. It is a completely wild emotional roller coaster and just an all around amazing movie. It goes without saying but the animation and music is godtier as well. 10/10 HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO REMEMBER YOUR NAME WITH THIS...?


Honestly no new anime that has come out in the last few years has impressed me much. However I was blown away by bunny senpai, even more so because it's only 12 episodes. For starters, I love how the story is broken up into short arcs focusing on one of the girls. It is reminiscent of the Monogatari series (another one of my favs lol). Every girl's story is unique and interesting and fleshes out all characters involved.
Speaking of characters, I want to talk about the mans himself Sakuta. I truly think he is such an amazing mc, I have always been a huge fan of characters whom everyone percieves poorly/as a delinquent/loser/asshole/w.e but they are deep down a good person and always trying to help people. He has really inspired me to be a cooler version of myself. I even thought about throwing my phone into the ocean like him. I am very moved by how much he doesnt care what people think of him, and I was always rooting for him every step of the way, and you better believe I was crying with him in that last arc.
Some other characters I really liked were Mai and Tomoe. Mai is a great complement to Sakuta but also has her own shit..she is just cool. And I love Tomoe, I was rooting for her a lot, besides Kaede, Tomoe's arc was one of the saddest + best to me.
Most shows can't do in 100+ episodes what this show did in 12. I still wish there were more just because I'd love to see more of Sakuta's story. But the movie is coming out and I am looking forward to that.
Other than the story/characters, the animation is pretty and the op/ed songs are ridiculously good. Listening to Kimi no Sei makes me want to run around outside near traffic.
This is definitely one of my favorite animes and I do not use that phrase lightly. 10/10 Crying thinking about it
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