my art

my page for my art~, you can click images to open full size version

Addict january 2021

Priscilla & Cyril november 2020

Silva & Jesper august 2020

Francis & Minty august 2020

Byleth & Dorothea ft. Hats february 2020

Maid Service january 2020

Sadman world is a fuck (Jun'yobin) october 2019

Zenitsu august 2019

Jester june 2019

What Will My Classmates Think Of Me? april 2019

Gods Right Hand august 2018
as for this page im uploading somewhat recent stuff but i quickly grow dissatisfied with my old art so it may be deleted just as soon as its uploaded here lol

my oc, Law february 2021

my oc, Law january 2021
art trades ^_^

Art trade with Atlas february 2021

Art trade with Fox november 2020