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i only recently (within the past couple years) got into reading for fun so my reach is kind of low but i do enjoy reading even tho lately ive been slacking... anyway these are reviews on my favorite books i have read
blocked out text are spoilers, highlight at your own risk...


The Name of the Wind and The Wise Mans Fear are 2 of my favorite books and really what got me back into reading. The story is very interesting (albeit maybe a little slow going) but what is so good about this is the richness of the characters specifically my main manz Kvothe.
I feel like I have learned a lot from Kvothe, i.e. how to be cool. I think hes a great example of like, a character who is over the top awesome in every way but still believable and very likeable. All the little details about him are what makes me like him so much, he loves things with pockets, his cleverness, his music, etc. Hes no gentleman,,.. hes a thief! Also following his story from the slums to being a badass student mage is very moving. There are a lot of scenes that have really stuck with me even though I read these books like a year ago. For example, when hes a kid and he gets beat to shit by a guard in the snow, all the people dressed like angels run past him uncaring, while the 2 dressed as demons were the only ones to try and help him. When he cries in Auri's lap. When he gets whipped in front of the entire school and doesn't bleed. When he keeps stabbing that dead guy in turn stabbing the entire camp making them think its an act of god or some shit. And literally any scene with Tempi in it.
There are a lot of really great characters besides Kvothe (Tempi, Bast, Devi, Auri, Simmon to name a few of my favs) and even tho the story is told from Kvothe's perspective you still get a really good read on them.
It can feel like the story is slow going since you kno he's supposed to be a king killer or something but the plot moves so fluidly that you don't even realize a lot has happened. Idk tldr these are really good books I hope I'm not dead by the time the third one comes out 10/10


Ok I literally just finished reading the way of kings today as of writing this. This was a really awesome book, I like the fact that it follows several different characters and they are pretty much all super interesting. My favorite characters were Kaladin, Dalinar, and Adolin. I especially liked to follow Kaladin's story because his life as slave was buckwild. He is literally Jesus. His way of leading those around him was very impressive and cool. Dalinar is just a straight g. I love how straight forward and honest he is it's almost ridiculous but he is so respectable and reliable. As for Adolin, I love his playboy nature but still has some of the qualities of his straight arrow father. Tbh I didnt care too much about Shallans story but I didn't dislike it or anything, but following Dalinar and Kaladin's lives were more entertaining. I also liked following the random characters in the interludes a lot.
The world they live in is super cool and unique. Its fantasy-esque but a different take on it, and gives you that feeling that theres a lot more going on. Even after completing the 1st book I can see that what I know about their world is like tip of the iceberg, which keeps me interested!
This book has some really awesome and intense scenes as well. The saddest scene in the entire book (to me) was in Kaladin's flashback of his brother getting drafted and Kaladin going too, leaving his parents crying + losing both of their sons. My favorite moment from the book was the climax and the sense of anguish and anxiety of, "ohhh god please go back and save them" and then reading "WE HAVE TO HELP THEM STORM IT!!!" so intense and epic.
anyway this was an awesome and exciting book, I will probably start reading the next one very soon 9.5/10
UPDATE: As of writing this I am around 2/3 of the way through the second book, and it is every bit as awesome as the first. I will even also say Shallan is a badass too now and I enjoy reading her story as well. I'll probably write a full review once I finish.
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