this is a page of books ive read/am reading/reviews/etc (listed in alphabetic order by author). i have read more than whats listed here (like things i was forced to read in school) but these are the books ive read in recent years of my own volition. i am a slow reader and start more books than i finish but i hope to get through all listed here.

currently reading

american psycho - bret easton ellis
dune - frank herbert
the wheel of time - robert jordan
rhythm of war (the stormlight archive #4) - brandon sanderson


in the buddha's words: an anthology of discourses from the pali canon - bhikkhu bodhi

this book is all about the teachings of buddhism, its a good read if you're into that. i read this because pewdiepie recommended it. in the words of him "this is a great book to read if your life sucks."
heavier than heaven: a biography of kurt cobain - charles r. cross

this was the first time i've ever read a biography of someone, i was very interested to learn all about my favorite rockstar kurt cobain! this book details all the extreme highs and extreme lows of his very short life. it was really amazing to learn all about him, what his personality was like, what his childhood and adolescence were like, and how that affected and influenced his music. i very much enjoyed reading the inspirations behind so many songs i love. this book is very depressing too, and gives a lot of insight on the pain kurt was going through in his life (especially near the end). i am very glad to have all the knowledge i have gained about kurt from reading this.
prince of thorns - mark lawrence

the best thing about this book is the gritty grim setting it takes place. i did enjoy reading it and i like the fact that the main character had questionable morals. my critique is that there is a lack of likeable characters, there are some that have some likable qualities but i felt there needed to be more development for them. granted this was the first book and there are more in the series, there might be more development in future books.
the name of the wind (the kingkiller chronicle #1) - patrick rothfuss

the name of the wind and the wise mans fear are 2 of my favorite books and really what got me back into reading. the story is very interesting (albeit maybe a little slow going) but what is so good about this is the richness of the characters specifically my main manz kvothe. i feel like i have learned a lot from kvothe, i.e. how to be cool. i think hes a great example of like, a character who is over the top awesome in every way but still believable and very likeable. all the little details about him are what makes me like him so much, he loves things with pockets, his cleverness, his music, etc. also following his story from the slums to being a badass student mage is very moving. there are a lot of scenes that have really stuck with me even though i read these books a while ago. for example, when hes a kid and he gets beat to shit by a guard in the snow and all the people dressed like angels run past him uncaring, while the 2 dressed as demons were the only ones to try and help him. when he cries in auri's lap. when he gets whipped in front of the entire school and doesn't bleed. literally any scene with tempi in it. etc etc. there are a lot of really great characters besides kvothe (tempi, bast, devi, auri, simmon to name a few of my favs) and even tho the story is told from kvothe's perspective you still get a really good read on them. it can feel like the story is slow going since you kno he's supposed to be a king killer or something but the plot moves so fluidly that you don't even realize a lot has happened. tldr these are really good books i hope i'm not dead by the time the third one comes out
the wise man's fear (the kingkiller chronicle #2) - patrick rothfuss

(see review for the name of the wind)
the way of kings (the stormlight archive #1) - brandon sanderson

this was a really awesome book, i like the fact that it follows several different characters and they are pretty much all super interesting. my favorite characters were kaladin, dalinar, and adolin. i especially liked to follow kaladin's story because his life as slave was wild. he is literally jesus. his way of leading those around him was very impressive and cool. dalinar is just a straight g. i love how straight forward and honest he is it's almost ridiculous but he is so respectable and reliable. as for adolin, i love his playboy nature but still has some of the qualities of his straight arrow father. tbh i didnt care too much about shallans story but i didn't dislike it or anything, but following dalinar and kaladin's lives were more entertaining. i also liked following the random characters in the interludes a lot. the world they live in is super cool and unique. its fantasy-esque but a different take on it, and gives you that feeling that theres a lot more going on. even after completing the 1st book i can see that what i know about their world is like tip of the iceberg, which keeps me interested!this book has some really awesome and intense scenes as well. this was an extremely epic and exciting book.
words of radiance (the stormlight archive #2) - brandon sanderson

this book picks up right where the first one left off, and is just as amazing. more character development, more world development, more interactions etc etc. kaladin is still my favorite but i like all the characters. this book focuses more on shallan, which is cool because she became more likeable and had some cool moments. i sense a love triangle forming which im not too sure about but we'll see. anyways this is one of my favorite series, i love it~
oathbringer (the stormlight archive #3) - brandon sanderson

as of writing this, i just finished reading this book like 20 minutes ago. this is the longest book i have ever read. so much happened, idk where to start- btw spoilers. my favorite part of this book was hearing dalinar's backstory. i love dalinar!!! knowing what lead him to the decisions he makes now, and what happened to his wife, was insane and awesome. i also really liked when the squad went to shadesmar, it was super trippy and epic. this book also contained one of the saddest character deaths ive ever seen... i will be honest there are some things im a bit on the fence about, mostly all relating to shallan. i don't exactly hate her, but she causes the type of conflict that i do not like. i did not like the forming love triangle. i also don't like her whole multiple personas thing, since for a lot of the book it felt she was willingly toying with both kaladin and adolin's hearts. in the end, she chose adolin. which is fine, but i ask why even have the story of her liking kaldain and building that up? by the end of the book adolin and shallan are married, but still i wonder if she will continue to toy with the two of them. this irritates me a lot, because kaladin is my favorite, adolin is also another fav. i'm also sad because i don't want kaladin to be heartbroken. i mean of course his unrequited love adds to his broody epicness but still... but anyway... another thing i loved was seeing more of szeth, and his path to righteousness. also the lore and worldbuilding was amazing as usual. and like i've said a million times i love kaladin so much<3 he is one of my favorite characters from anything ever. he is as awesome as always, always coming in like the hero he is. i have no idea what the next book will be about but i am looking forward to it.
the hobbit (the lord of the rings #1) - j. r. r. tolkien

i love the lord of the rings movies, and i had never read any of the books until recently (as of writing this). i thought the hobbit was awesome, exciting, magical, adventurous, fun, etc. i think this is a very classic fantasy adventure story and inspired several generations of fantasy writers, and this series will continue to be one of the most beloved and renowned of all time. (warning: spoilers) my favorite parts were when the eagles saved them from from the wolves and goblins, and when bard the bowman shot down smaug. i did not like when the dwarves wouldn't give bard (or the other people) any treasure. but the story still had a good ending and i had a good time.
the fellowship of the ring (the lord of the rings #2) - j. r. r. tolkien

the fellowship of the ring is great! it introduces a lot of new and amazing characters, (my favorite is strider aka aragorn). i like the tone of this book a little more than the hobbit, since it feels like the stakes are very high, and it can be very intense. i was surprised to find some of the book to movie differences (like tom bombadil, glorfindel rescuing frodo instead of arwen, etc). i also thought it was interesting that in the book legolas and gimli quickly become friends, when they are still rivals at this point in the movies. my favorite part was when they were trapped in the snowstorm, and aragorn and boromir had to dig everyone through the snow, while legolas just walked on top of it lol.

plan to read

shogun - james clavell
a song of ice and fire - george r.r. martin