name: kairi
sign: aquarius
age: 21

kairi is the first doll i got (outside of ones i had as a kid)! she has a very friendly personality, she's kind and a bit standoffish. she enjoys things like sailor moon, fairy-type pokemon, angelcake, and so on. she was a magical girl in her past life. i love her sm, she's my favorite.. she's always there for her friends!

likes: magic, sparkly things, reading.
name: minty
sign: gemini
age: 14

minty is mischevious, and enjoys playing pranks and tricking people. she is always laughing and in a good mood. she sometimes gets into trouble for misbehaving, but she can usually talk herself out of it. she and bloody mary are best friends. she can be a bit childish.

likes: stuffed animals, riddles, talking.
name: bloody mary
sign: scorpio
age: 15

bloody mary is quiet, observant, and likes all things goth and macabre. she enjoys walking through haunted woods at night. she has a fascination with blood. she watches a lot of horror movies. she enjoys bitter, black coffee. she is best friends with minty.

likes: horror movies, bitter food, creeping people out.
name: momo rabbit
sign: sagittarius
age: 19

momo is pretty ditzy and lazy. she hates doing chores, and oversleeps nearly every morning. its a hassle to brush her hair, so she lets it run unruly. she is unintentionally hilarious, and well loved by her peers. she is surprisingly good at singing. she is dating amelia maribelle.

likes: sleeping, eating, watching tv.
name: amelia maribelle
sign: virgo
age: 22

amelia maribelle comes from a family of old wealth. she is used to things being prim and proper, perfectly fancy and catered to her. she can be very particular, and likes when things are clean. she is an appreciater of classical art, and enjoys attending plays and opera. she can be a bit uptight and snobbish. she has been proposed to by several young bachelors, but has refused them all. she has difficulty expressing her feelings. momo calls her 'milly'.

likes: momo, fancy things, shopping.
name: genevieve
sign: cancer
age: 10

being the youngest, genevieve is babied by all of her peers. everyone feels like they're her older sister, and want to take care of her. she can be a bit of a crybaby. she loves to play with animals. she takes an interest in what others are doing, and enjoys hanging out with her 'older sisters'. she is secretly from a long line of elves.

likes: animals, sweets, fluffy blankets.

amelia & momo

momo and amelia are dating, despite their clashing personalities.
momo is a bit oblivious to how much amelia likes her.
amelia fears momo doesn't care about her.
their relationship is on the rocks.

minty & bloody mary

minty and bloody mary are long-time best friends. they tend to get into a lot of trouble together.

they have on occasion summoned dark spirits from hell out of amusement and boredom.

they once summoned a soul-eating demon,
which unfortunately ate the heart of the webmaster while she slept:((