my list of my favorite fanfictions i have read...
i used to read fanfiction allll the time and i still enjoy reading fanfics a lot. i have a huge respect for fanfic authors. there are some amazing works of art out there that i'll always remember!
media title ship link
Attack on Titan His Beating Heart Jean/Marco ao3
Dragon Age: Inquisition Magnet Inquisitor/Dorian ao3
Durarara Catnip Shizuo/Izaya ffnet
Durarara Under the Surface Shizuo/Izaya ffnet
Fire Emblem: 3H fear is the heart of love Ferdinand/Hubert ao3
Fire Emblem: 3H I Promise to Put it in Writing Ferdinand/Hubert ao3
Fire Emblem: 3H run ourselves ragged Sylvain/Felix ao3
Haikyuu boys Daichi/Suga ao3
Haikyuu Soultouch Iwaizumi/Oikawa ao3
Hunter x Hunter The Simplest Moment Hisoka/Illumi ao3
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Far Away & Dreaming Jotaro/Kakyoin ao3
One Piece The Nature of Black Sanji/Zoro ao3
Trailer Park Boys Trailer Park Vampires Ricky/Julian ao3
and a moment of silence for all the deleted fics and fics i couldn't find again.
you live forever in my synthetic heart.