my list of my favorite fanfictions i have read.
i dont read fanfiction as much as i used to but there are some true works of art out there that have left significant impacts on me even years after reading them.
this page is to be continued.....
media title ship link
Attack on Titan His Beating Heart Jean/Marco click
Dragon Age: Inquisition Magnet Inquisitor/Dorian click
Durarara Catnip Shizuo/Izaya click
Durarara Under the Surface Shizuo/Izaya click
Haikyuu boys Daichi/Suga click
Haikyuu Soultouch Iwaizumi/Oikawa click
Hunter x Hunter The Simplest Moment Hisoka/Illumi click
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Far Away & Dreaming Jotaro/Kakyoin click
One Piece The Nature of Black Sanji/Zoro click

and a moment of silence for all the deleted fics and fics i couldn't find again.
you live forever in my synthetic heart.