i love reading fanfiction. i have a huge respect for fanfic authors. there are some amazing works of art out there that i'll always remember <3
here are some of my all-time favorites.

media title ship link
attack on titan his beating heart jean/marco ao3
dragon age: inquisition amatus inquisitor/dorian ao3
dragon age: inquisition magnet inquisitor/dorian ao3
durarara catnip shizuo/izaya ffnet
durarara under the surface shizuo/izaya ffnet
fire emblem: 3h fear is the heart of love ferdinand/hubert ao3
fire emblem: 3h i promise to put it in writing ferdinand/hubert ao3
fire emblem: 3h run ourselves ragged sylvain/felix ao3
haikyuu boys daichi/suga ao3
haikyuu soultouch iwaizumi/oikawa ao3
hunter x hunter the simplest moment hisoka/illumi ao3
jojo's bizarre adventure far away & dreaming jotaro/kakyoin ao3
one piece the nature of black sanji/zoro ao3
trailer park boys before i fall apart ricky/julian ao3
trailer park boys trailer park vampires ricky/julian ao3

and a moment of silence for all the deleted fics and fics i couldn't find again.
you live forever in my synthetic heart.