gluttony (latin: gula) is the overindulgence and overconsumption of food, drink, or wealth items, particularly as status symbols, to the point of waste. considered when an excessive desire for anything causes it to be withheld from the needy.
cyril [GLUTTONY]
14 y.o. - scorpio. - male. - 5'1".

cyril is the son of the duke, and is a very spoiled and bratty young boy. he was raised to be very entitled and to believe he is better than others. he enjoys expensive clothes and other refined things, and likes to flex on the lower class. he was very lonely all his life, and his parents did not give him much if any attention. he has no friends his age or otherwise. since he is never reprimanded or parented, he often just does whatever he wants. his unique sin ability is extreme speed, when fighting him the target will see multiple afterimages of him, as if their own time has slowed down. he fights with a diamond studded rapier.

hobby: collecting jewelry, paintings, expensive clothes, etc.
current goal: being a menace to society.
1000+ y.o. - aquarius. - female. - 5'9".

priscilla is seemingly a servant and maid to cyril and his family. her true identity is a demon, sent to the human world by the demon king to protect gluttony, because as a young child his life was in danger due to his neglectful parents and caretakers. priscilla has protected him since his infancy. she enjoys living in the human world, and likes abiding by noble customs, and has grown a bit attached to cyril. she is very condescending and creepily pleasant when speaking to most people.

hobby: cleaning.
current goal: protect cyril.
smells like: fresh, clean, warm.