lust, or lechery (latin: luxuria (carnal)), is intense longing. it is usually thought of as intense or unbridled sexual desire, lust could also mean unbridled desire in general; thus, lust for money, power, and other things are sinful.
fuji [LUST]
23 y.o. - pisces. - male. - 5'10".

fuji is a political hostage and lives with and serves as a retainer to the royal family of this country. he was basically a prince in his own country, and he is still secretly working with (and being manipulated by) the leaders of his own country. he has lived with the royal family since he was a young teenager, and became very close friends with casimir, who was near his same age. fuji is a bit undiciplined and complains a lot, but takes his role as a retainer quite seriously.
his unique sin ability is to infuse his weapon with bleed damage, the more he hits a target, the more their wound will bleed (much more than a weapon normally would cause).
spoiler, fuji is manipulated by his people into killing casimir, marrying avyce, and attempting to take the throne.

hobby: fishing.
24 y.o. - libra. - male. - 6'1".

casimir is the current prince and is next in line for the throne. he is both serious and overly dramatic. he is a bit spoiled, but deep down is very kind hearted. he considers fuji to be his best friend and closest confidant. his royal blood magic ability is near perfect healing on other people, however he is not able to heal himself.

hobby: cats.
18 y.o. - aries. - female. - 5'1".

avyce is the current princess. she is silly and snarky, and doesn't care much about politics or royal duties. her royal blood magic ability is creating extremely hot flames, that are near impossible to extinguish by anyone besides her.

hobby: drawing.