there are also characters in this world that are not in any of the ancient souls' current parties.
32 y.o. - libra. - male. - 6'2".

cedar was previously a high-ranking member of fawkes' mercenary group and is a very strong warrior. he has a degenerative eye disease that has slowly caused him to become blind among several other health problems. he is currently residing in a small farming town, where he works as a night watch guard. he is very weird and easy-going. he often falls asleep in random places. he is a very good cook and is very kind-hearted. he has a seeing eye chicken named louise. he recently took in a demon lady named vilya, and she is now living with him.

hobby: cooking.
1000+ y.o. - pisces. - female. - 5'3".

a serpent demon lady who can control snakes. after a battle she was left half dead and was rescued and nursed back to health by cedar. in order to regain her strength, she planned on devouring his soul but kept delaying it for an unknown reason. he was very amusing to her and cooked her lots of meals. she has been staying by his side for reasons she does not care to discuss (she loves him). they both let the villagers think she is his wife so they will not question her, and she is secretly very happy to stay by cedar's side. she is the middle child of a set of triplets.

hobby: snake stuff.
26 y.o. - capricorn. - male. - 5'9".

a priest who was a colleage of cain and rosemary. he is from a noble family and was sent away at age sixteen to be a priest because his family found out he was gay. he is very stoic and also very savage with words and often roasts people.

hobby: philosophy, introspective contemplation, sneering.