strange, it seems the vault door was left ajar.
you step inside. there is a cold chill in the air.
it's so quiet you could hear a pin drop.
there is a light at the end of the corridor.
you continue walking, even though you know you shouldn't.
you arrive in the first of several large rooms.

you see hundreds of beautiful treasures on podiums. each one radiates a strange magical energy.

you hold your hand to one, and feel it pulling you in like gravity, burning your skin.
you draw back your hand.

on the opposite side of the room, you see another staircase leading further down, deeper into the vault.
you have the eerie sense that someone is aware of you. your instincts are strongly warning you against going further into the vault. you should turn back.
retreat back into the basement hallway.


take the downward stairs, going further
into the vault.