this year (2023) i have gotten really into watching kdramas. i really enjoy them so much. these are some of my favorites so far:)
alchemy of souls
genre: romance, sci-fi, fantasy, historical

ok alchemy of souls made me feel the full range of human emotions. both season 1 and season 2 are SO GOOD.

it is a historical fantasy, in a fictional world filled with mages. there is a crazy spell known as alchemy of souls that lets a person switch their soul into someone else's body. an infamous assassin lady swaps into the body of a weak servant girl, and secretly trains a young master who has been forbidden from using magic.

i love the dynamic between the two main characters so much, it's really chaotic and interesting. the special effects are really cool in this show too. this show was one of a kind, i haven't seen anything else like it.

i have to mention: this show reminded me so much of the anime bleach. a girl with awesome magic powers loses her power, has to live in a weak body in hiding, and trains a guy apprentice who is a total rookie but has infinite potential. it made me so nostalgic lol.

spoilers// ok so, i've seen some people are really split on season 2. personally i thought it was a perfect follow up to season 1. to me s1 and s2 were two sides of the same coin, everyone complaining wanted it to end at season 1 but it really couldn't, there were too many ongoing plot lines and its not like naksu was ever going to be able to stay in mu deok's body forever and live happily ever after with jang uk that way. and I LOVEE brooding all powerful jang uk, and how naksu just fell in love with him all over again. anyway, as i said both season 1 and 2 are perfect shining diamonds to me<33.
beyond evil
genre: bromance, crime

beyond evil is about this guy named dong-sik, who long ago got accused in a serial murder case involving his sister but is now a police officer. he is joined by the son of the next-in-line police commissioner, han ju won: who is re-investigating the case. meanwhile, the serial killer is still active and at large.

this show was crazy interesting, every episode is so intense. almost always has a cliffhanger. not only is it about finding the serial killer but also about all of the small town politics, conspiracies, cover ups, etc.

i really enjoyed the relationship between dong sik and han ju won. it was hard to tell whether they hate or like each other lol. dong sik was such a unique character and you never really knew what he was doing, like is he crazy or a genius or both?? also special shout out to shin ha kyun who plays dong sik because he was SUCH a good actor omfg.

spoilers// the ending was super satisfying. it's kind of nuts that dong sik went to jail for a year?! but i was glad that he saw his promise through to han ju won.
genre: bromance, action, crime

this show is so... omfg. perfect.

it is about two bestie boxers, one of whom's mother gets tricked into taking a loan from a loan shark company. the two guys have to work to try and get out of it, and also to fight this evil organization from ruining more people's lives.

it is super violent and action packed! it is only 8 episodes, so it is pretty fast paced, but omg sooo good all the way through. the best part of it is the relationship between the two main characters, i love how close they become especially after only just recently meeting. it's really heart warming to see them go through hell and back together.

idk there is nothing i didn't like about this show it was funny, dark, scary, anxiety inducing, interesting, exciting, and so very bromantic.

spoilers// i was slightly sad that hyeon-ju never came back, but it made sense to me why they wrote her out. i feel like she was too young and in over her head, and overall the story was more about gun-woo and woo-jin.
crash landing on you
genre: romance, military, political

after i watched squid game, this was the other first kdrama i watched. omfg... still remains as my #1 favorite. it really is just that good. it has everything: romance, drama, tragedy, comedy, north korea vs south korea, like omg it's just perfect, nothing compares. it also helps that the main couple in the story are married irl🤍

the story is about a chaebol south korean businesswoman who accidentally paraglides into north korea in a freak accident. she meets a north korean soldier who tries to help her return home.

this is like one of my all time favorite shows for real... i also have to mention how good the characters are. the second leads were the sneak favorites for me... gu seung jun and seo dan you will always be famous😭😭😭😭
flower of evil
genre: romance, crime

this show is insane, i love it. it rewired my brain fr.

it's about this guy who has faked his identity for 15 years, after running away from an incident involving an unsolved serial murder case. he's now married to a homicide detective and they have a daughter together. things start to unravel with the investigation gets brought up again...

loved this story soo much, and especially love do hyun soo. he made it to my favorite characters page, i'm obsessed with him. i really love stories where the main character is a criminal or morally questionable. as much as i love this show idk if i could rewatch it because it was close to emotional torture for me omfg this did psychic damage on me.

spoilers// i will say one thing that pissed me off was the last episode. i hated that he lost his memory, in a way it felt like it was all for nothing but at the same time i understand why the writers would give him a clean slate to start his life fresh again. #conflicted
rain or shine
genre: romance, slice of life, psychological

fyi this is also called "just between lovers"

i just randomly started rain or shine, and i'm soo glad i did. it became one of my favorite shows. the story is about survivors of a deadly building collapse, who happen to meet again several years later because the building is being reconstructed.

the romance was so good, their relationship felt so natural😭 i loved how they were always there for each other when the other needed it. gang-du has ruined other MLs in kdramas for me... he was just too iconic and lovable. no one can compare..

i don’t really have anything negative to say about this show other than the SML and SFL weren’t particularly interesting imo.

spoilers// one of my favorite/most memorable parts was towards the end, the scene where they showed how everyone's lives would've been like if the collapse hadn't happened, i thought it was so sad and haunting. especially gang-du on the soccer team and mun-su working with her sister T.T
our beloved summer
genre: romance, slice of life

lol so the reason i watched this was because huening kai said it was his favorite.

it is about this couple who are exes. they started dating in high school, while being filmed for a documentary (the documentary followed the best and worst students in their grade). in present time they've been broken up for 5 years, but are brought together again when a follow up documentary is being made about them.

this is one of the rare "slice of life" kdramas that actually was interesting to me all the way through. what i liked best about it were the characters, they felt very realistic to me and they all had their own struggles. it sort of evokes that feeling of: "wow i completely fucked up my life and it's hard to go on, what should i do, what can i do??"

spoilers// i thought overall it was a really satisfying ending too. i hated ji-ung at first but he really grew on me, and became one of my favorites - he was a very memorable character to me. i was so sad for NJ but not everyone needs to end up in a romance, so i get why they left her story the way they did.... still #justiceforNJ