✨my fav movies✨
title year genre
lord of the rings trilogy (2001 - 2003) fantasy, drama
signs (2002) sci-fi, drama
kimi no na wa (2016) supernatural, drama, romance
howl's moving castle (2004) fantasy, drama, romance
lords of chaos (2018) drama, horror
the big lebowski (1998) comedy, crime
inglourious basterds (2009) war, comedy
apocalypse now (1979) war
interstellar (2014) sci-fi, drama
south park: bigger, longer & uncut (1999) comedy
american psycho (2000) horror, thriller, comedy
my annoying brother (2016) drama, sports
redline (2009) action, sci-fi
silver linings playbook (2012) drama, romance
50/50 (2011) drama, comedy
master and commander: the far side of the world (2003) war, adventure
brokeback mountain (2005) romance, drama
logan (2017) sci-fi, drama
emma. (2020) comedy, drama, romance
gladiator (2000) action, historical
the doors (1991) drama, biopic
beautiful boy (2019) drama
the batman (2022) crime, drama
october sky (1999) drama