i have been a big fan of robert pattinson since i was in middle school (thanks to twilight ofc). he is so handsome, talented, funny, and eccentric <333.
he's one of my favorite actors~! here's my ranking of some of his movies

omfg.... i love this movie. it's so weird. i've watched it multiple times but still have no idea wtf is happening but i like it. also rlly like that its in black and white and has the square screen ratio.

movie rating: 10/10
rob's hotness level: 10/10 SOO HANDSOME
2. THE BATMAN (2022)

ltrly just saw this as of writing this. i really liked this movie! definitely my favorite batman movie. i like that it was a noir detective crime drama type of story.

movie rating: 10/10
rob's hotness level: 10/10 omfg... emo eyeliner goth prince
3. THE KING (2019)

this movie is super awesome and has a really interesting story. (and timothée chalamet is in it<333)

movie rating: 10/10
rob's hotness level: 10/10 he has long hair, talks with a french accent and is evil (heart eyes)
4. GOOD TIME (2017)

this movie is very entertaining, it's basically a continuous awesome chase sequence.

movie rating: 9/10
rob's hotness level: 6/10 he looks like a crackhead in this still love him tho

this movie is rlly sweet. hans landa makes a guest appearance.

movie rating: 9/10
rob's hotness level: 10/10 soooo cute
6. TWILIGHT (2008)

back in the day.... i read all the twilight books and was obsessed. twilight is a classic ok

movie rating: 8/10
rob's hotness level: 10/10 peak vampire attractiveness
7. REMEMBER ME (2010)

i liked his character a lot in this. ik some people hate the ending of this movie, but i still thought it was pretty good

movie rating: 8/10
rob's hotness level: 10/10 wow

this is by far my favorite harry potter movie, for obvious reasons. i really like cedric and rob's portrayal of him.

movie rating: 8/10
rob's hotness level: 10/10
9. BREAKING DAWN pt. 1 & 2 (2011 - 2012)

i think rob is best as edward in these final 2 movies, especially when bella is having the demon baby and edward is really upset. i can't say i love the demon baby (i hate it so much) but i still think these are good movies, i like how they rally all the other vampires in a final fight against the volturi (hate that they didnt actually fight)

movie rating: 7/10
rob's hotness level: 10/10
10. TENET (2020)

i guess tenet is objectively considered good because its christopher nolan. but idk i feel like the movie was overshadowed by the overly convoluted mechanism of time reversal or whatever. to me this is like the evil version of inception where they forgot to write personalities and stories for the characters

movie rating: 7/10 its not bad but it could have been better
rob's hotness level: 10/10 very handsome

1st of all, this was produced by jake gyllenhaal<333. tom holland is ok kind of cute i guess. i really liked rob in this because his accent entertains me. BUT i feel like the story could have been way better. the whole thing with tom holland's father and sister... so lame. they should have made rob's character a cult leader in that same setting taking over the town and tom holland has to stop him (or something like that).

movie rating: 6/10
rob's hotness level: 10/10 still pretty hot
12. NEW MOON (2009)

this is low on the list bc rob is barely in this lol (even tho new moon is pretty good)

movie rating: 8/10
rob's hotness level: 10/10 he is really cute at the end
13. ECLIPSE (2010)

i read the book and i still cant even remember what happens in eclipse

movie rating: 4/10
rob's hotness level: 7/10 WHAT are those sideburns