i am interested in becoming a meth head.
dad it's called rehab, and i'm in recovery.
rome, i think you're a super talented superstar. and i... love you.

oh you're such a fucking bitch.
i just want to get the gang together early in my tenure to say, uh,......yo.
you can’t make a tomlette without breaking some gregs.
you look like shit, by the way.
are you fucking crying, kendall?
♪ but since i stan dad, i'm alive and well!
greg, i'm having the time of my life.

this is nightmarish.
ewwww, dude. where did you get this?

it's from a connection. in the park.

the park? i'm doing park coke? are you fucking kidding me? that is just perfect. i'll be lucky if i have any nostrils left after this. if my septum falls out, i'm gonna make you eat my septum.
i had to wait 3 quarters of an hour for a gin and tonic. who's the real victim here?