a kpop boys group.......who are secretly demons. the group was formed a few years ago by the demonic human research team, who noticed an uptick trend in kpop and predicted it would become a global hit. a few demonworld elites decided to put together a group of standout youths together, send them to the human world and roll the dice to see how it would play out. the long term goal being an easy way to influence the human world, have connections to distinguished humans, etc.

fast forward thru their trainee days, debut, and several years of repeated success, "devil boyz" or DVBZ are currently hugely famous and internationally popular. they are only continuing to amass fame, fans, and influence. the magic user council has yet to catch on to their scheme, which has been a big win for the demonz-4-overtaking-the-human-world community.

((also i used random kpop idols for icons idk anything about most of them i just like their faces ok thanks))

genre: comedy, supernatural, drama.
setting: underworld (aka this world with magic users, demons, vampires, werewolves, etc.), more specifically they are from lunar caldonia.
human age: 24.
demon age: 619.
aquarius. - male.

jin is the eldest member of the group, also the designated leader. his public persona is "the boyfriend type". sensible, mature, amiable, strong willed, supportive of his fellow members, with a never give up aura.

outside of his persona, he certainly is sensible and mature but can also be standoffish. the biggest problem he is facing right now is that he absolutely hates being famous and having to be in DVBZ at all. he didn't want to, but his elders forced him into it, and now here he is. he hates living in the human world, hates fame, hates having a jam-packed schedule, hates performing (even tho he is good at it). he's utterly miserable.

in the demon world, he came from a very old family. they weren't high nobles or anything, but well respected and stood the test of time. out of the group, his lineage goes back the farthest. despite not wanting to partake in this scheme from the get-go, out of respect for his elders he agreed and continues to work hard and lead the group.

he has a personal connection to all the other members, like an older brother. everyone comes to him with their problems. he acts highly bothered but always helps them. he's very reliable and has many talents, despite not wanting to do anything he ends up doing a lot. he's very empathetic and feels the need to make everyone else feel comfortable.

random facts... he has insomnia and can never sleep properly, he's up all hours of the night. he has comforted every other member through various life problems.

hobby: being depressed, fishing, sitting in silence and staring at the wall or ceiling, drinking tea.
current goal: not be forced to be in a kpop group anymore, go back to living in the demon world, live an uneventful and private life, help all of his fellow group members thru their life struggles.
smells like: green tea, serene, fresh rain.
tarot card: the hierophant.
likes: relaxing, his fellow group members (usually), drinking tea, ae yun..
dislikes: being famous, having such a busy schedule, being forced to do things he doesn't want to, high expectations.

ae yun
29 y.o. - virgo. - female.

ae yun works for the agency (tm) that manages DVBZ. she has been with them since their debut 5 years ago. she is basically their manager, she is always with them and is a direct liaison for the upper management of the agency. she works extremely hard, and is very dedicated to her job. you could argue that a lot of DVBZ success should also be accredited to her, as she made key marketing decisions for them at crucial points. she also has played a part in overall styling, concepts, production, etc.

growing up she was a kpop fangirl, and has now achieved her dream of working in the industry. she is earnest, strict, studious, dedicated, workaholic, organized, direct. she can also be girlish, easily embarrassed, somewhat naive on non kpop related topics. she is sweet and harsh at the same time.

she is actually a human, and has no knowledge of demons or anything of the like, as far as she knows DVBZ are as they appear to be. she was assigned to them knowing nothing (the demon contact(s) are among the upper management).

she secretly has romantic feelings for jin despite best efforts not to. of course she would never act on this because of her professionalism, but it does make life diffuclt. the two of them get along very well, and have to often wrangle the other members together. she has a lot of admiration for him.

hobby: working, studying marketing trends, working, drinking alcohol, working.
current goal: make DVBZ as successful as possible. help jin to not be so depressed.
smells like: perfume, end of summer.
tarot card: the high priestess.
likes: all of DVBZ despite the problem children. jin. her job. when she accomplishes what she sets out to.
dislikes: making mistakes. when the agency puts her in a tough or awkward position. the fact that jin is actively miserable.

human age: 21.
demon age: 400.
sagittarius. - male.

ryeojin is the 2nd youngest member of the group. his public persona is the "bad boy, but with the heart of gold" which honestly isn't that far from the truth. he is quite energetic and gets riled up easily, so he is also the "mood maker" of the group. he is known for getting rowdy, competitive, being spontaneous, looking somewhat scary with his facial expressions. he really doesn't care how he comes across, which is part of his charm. he is also the rapper of the group and has the deepest voice.

outside of his persona, he can be a bit serious and reserved, but not to say he is always that way. he can be childish and quick to anger. he and myo are probably about tied for hotheadedness.

as far as demon life goes, he is the only one not born from a distinct demon family/clan, he was born of an amalgamation of various demons fighting each other and forming one being. its not exactly anything special, it's common for sentient and somewhat sentient demons to be "born" this way (and really, this is how all demons are created to begin with, the official demon families all started out this way. only now instead they sever off a piece to form offspring to continue lineage). nonetheless he is a very particularly strong one, which has landed him in the group in the first place. though this fact is something others use against him (specifically myomyo and hikari). often referred to as "dog" or insinuated to be less than, since he isn't blue blood like the others.

notably, ryeojin is the public "bff" of myomyo. they hate each other, but management pushes their public personas are ULTIMATE besties because they are the two youngest, and always end up paired together for whatever reason. the two of them fight CONSTANTLY off screen, but are forced to be friendly, amiable, touchy feely etc. they are also extremely competitive with each other always trying to outdo one another. their competitive streak is also present in their personas, but the public perceives it as just 2 best bros friendly competition.

hobby: weightlifting, eating, fashion, dancing.
current goal: gain a better standing in the demon world.
smells like: strong smelling men's cologne.
tarot card: the chariot.
likes: all types of food (savory, sweet, salty, etc), jin hyung.
dislikes: myo, bluebood demons looking down upon him.

human age: 20.
demon age: 358.
libra. - male.

myo (stage name is myo-myo.. meow meow) is the maknae (youngest member) of the group. he is the "cheeky cute maknae" archetype. his public persona is very bubbly, cute, cheeky, funny, handsome, flamboyant, etc. he is probably the most self obsessed out of the entire group. he loves fame and attention, and works hard on his public image. it's no surprise he tends to be the most popular member.

outside of his public image... he is extraordinarily childish, selfish, annoying, hotheaded, bad tempered, materialistic, etc. the demonic family he hails from is probably the most famous in the demonworld (outside of the 3 kings), known to hoard wealth and power. they are sort of "new money", they came into power within the last 1500 years, and yet their reach is so widespread. they are known to be arrogant and pompous, myomyo is a shining example of this. he definitely feels a sense of superiority because of his bloodline.

of note, myomyo's antagonistic and chaotic relationship with ryeojin. they originally started fighting so much because of myo's conceit being from a high class demon family, as opposed to ryeojin's amorphousness. this caused immediate friction back in their trainee days, and has only spiraled out of control. they are always fighting over something, always competing with each other, at each others throats for one thing or another. the only reason they haven't killed each other yet is because of jin, who always steps in to break up their fights.

since their agency has deemed him the "cutesy" one, he is forced to act very uwu and cute (over the top so), liking childish things, eating sweets. despite the fact he hates most all of that stuff, (though it does suit his personality, since he is extremely childish). he often throws tantrums over it. on one occasion, on their variety show he had to eat several sweets such as cake, cupcakes, candy, all lovingly baked for him. off camera he threw them all to the ground stomping on them with his designer boots, laughing maniacally.

hobby: fashion, looks, gossiping, trash talking, bothering hyungs, pranking hyungs, dancing, social media.
current goal: be the cutest most popular member, also bring glory to his clan.
smells like: sugary sweet artificial syrup.
tarot card: the fool, the devil.
likes: salty food, seafood, styling, getting his hair done, performing, dancing, receiving attention and admiration, being from such a regal lineage.
dislikes: people telling him what to do, ryeojin, amorphous demons.

human age: 23.
demon age: 598.
gemini. - male.

hikari is the elder twin of shotaro. his public persona is mature, witty, charismatic, sly, cool. he is known for making quick-witted remarks and rarely making mistakes. he tends to "playfully" tease his group mates. on DVBZ's variety show, he holds the record for most wins out of the various random games they play. he has a smooth, silky, recognizable singing voice. also part of the twins' persona is that they're half-japanese.

outside of his public image, he's a bit sinister. he is silver-tongued and likes to sew chaos. he's really smart, but too smart for his own good. always seems to be plotting or scheming. he's keenly aware of the personalities and circumstances of all his fellow members.

in the demon world, the twins' family is somewhat strange. they are known of, but not much is actually known about them other than every couple centuries they produce some shining star grade A super powerful demon spawn. they are reclusive, secretive, seem to work behind the scenes. behind jin, they are from the 2nd oldest family. as far as demon life goes, hikari and shotaro were once one being, a two-headed demon. after a couple centuries, they split bodies but still always stayed together.

given his personality and the state of their group, he derives great enjoyment from watching myo and ryeojin fight each other. he often purposefully eggs on their arguments or points something out that he knows will make one of them mad at each other. jin admonishes him for this, but it's just too easy and he can't help himself.

hobby: people watching, keeping up to date on both human affairs and demon affairs, fashion, dancing, reading human literature, manipulating people.
current goal: put himself and his brother in good standing in the demonworld.
smells like: spicy cinnamon.
tarot card: the magician.
likes: shotaro, watching other people argue, hearty and traditional food, traveling both the human world and demon world.
dislikes: being bored, people getting in his way, people who try to pry too deeply into him.

human age: 23.
demon age: 598.
gemini. - male.

shotaro is the younger twin of hikari. both his public image and real personality are pretty much the same; he is very aloof, standoffish, stoic, apathetic. he is generally stone-faced in most situations. he is the least likely to have a reaction to a jumpscare. he can come off like an uncaring asshole, which is usually true. he sleeps a lot.

DVBZ's fans perceive him as shy, but with much love in his heart for his fans, brother, and group mates (despite some online criticism that he doesn't seem to care enough). it helps that he is strikingly handsome (the visual, if you will) and has a similar silky voice to his brother.

despite their agency begging him to drum up his personality, he isn't much of an actor so he pretty much just acts as he always does. he is just jaded and doesn't care to do what others tell him to. the only person he listens to his hikari, almost to a fault. he does pretty much anything his brother tells him to do, like a henchman. hikari often pulls shotaro to the side to scheme together on various demon related topics, but shotaro has so little interest he usually just nods and agrees with whatever hikari comes up with. similarly he only joined this group in the first place because of hikari's initiative. the two of them have a weird mental connection because of the fact they were once one being. if one gets hurt, the other can feel it.

recentily he does feel some friction and questioning within himself at some of hikari's more nefarious activities, but still is diligently loyal to his brother.

he tends to be a loner, but over the years has started to warm up to the other members in the group outside of his brother. he particularly gets along with jin, and finds slight amusement in the antics of myo and ryeojin. on DVBZ's variety show, he is really good at games like "mafia", he almost always wins because of his poker face. he has a lot of random talents (he's good at math, he can beat all of his group mates in super smash bros, he's good at cooking, he is quick to understand technology).

hobby: playing instruments (he can play guitar, piano, drums), weightlifting, sleeping, eating, watching tv, playing mobile games.
current goal: do whatever hikari tells him to do.
smells like: clean linens.
tarot card: the hermit, the hanged man.
likes: hikari, human tv shows, learning new instruments, human technology and innovations.
dislikes: getting up early, when others try to make him act a certain way, getting his hair bleached, demon politics.

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hikari ...

shotaro ...

ryeojin ...

myo-myo ...

jin & ae yun ---

jin and ae yun originally met shortly before DVBZ debut around 5 years ago. she was assigned to be their direct manager by their agency, responsible for coordinating a wide variety of things (public appearances, concerts, concepts, marketing, interviews, etc). jin was already easily selected by their agency to be the designated "leader" of the group given his personality. thus their working relationship began.

jin and ae yun are good friends, they are both sensible and often have to work together to smooth out situations relating to DVBZ both externally and internally. they've worked very closely together the last few years, seeing each other pretty much all the time.

jin respects ae yun a lot. prior to this whole ordeal, he had never known any humans so he didn't know what to expect. among the agency (back in trainee days) he was less than impressed by the people they had to work with. however when he met and began working with ae yun, he was continuously impressed with her work ethic and dedication to making DVBZ successful. he sees her as very earnest, hard-working, and sort of purehearted. he is grateful to her for all she's done.

on the flip side, he feels an ever growing, festering, deep-seated guilt. as DVBZ climbed in popularity, he started to realize what a position ae yun is unknowingly in. if word were to get out about DVBZ's true identities, she would inevitably be in a terrible position. if for whatever reason because of them the existence of demons was revealed to the entire human population, she would probably be thought of as a demon herself or at the very least a domestic terrorist who aided them in their hostile takeover.

if even the underworld / magic user council found out (which is far more likely to happen), she would be prosecuted as a demon sympathizer. she would probably spend the rest of her life being imprisoned and interrogated for information on the demonworld. and of course she is completely innocent, knows nothing about such things and has only ever tried to help them and make them successful. this fear has incessantly grown worse for jin, and actively contributes to his depression and anxiety. he is extremely worried for the day his demon elders will order them to do something that will reveal their identities. it only gets worse the more time he spends with her, because he genuinely cares for her quite a lot.

meanwhile, as stated in her bio ae yun has feelings for jin. she's felt this way for several years but always stuffs it down ignoring it. she is a professional first and foremost. she sees him as very kindhearted, mature, reliable, earnest, and someone who always picks her up (and others) when they're down. she likes that he acts quite bothered but always goes out of his way to help those close to him. she also has a great admiration and appreciation for his years of hard work as the leader of DVBZ. he has often helped her comply with upper mgmt's ridiculous requests. it pains her deep down that their relationship would never work but has resolved herself to being close friends and always supporting him however she can.

she has seen how over the past few years, while off camera jin has become more and more depressed. to say the least this burdens her heart. she is always trying to do small things to cheer him up, such as ordering his favorite foods, arranging interviews she thinks he would enjoy, taking all of his suggestions into consideration, etc. despite best efforts he still seems to only be getting more miserable. however he is still excellent in the public eye, and as his manager she feels she has to not cross the line into his personal life, so she doesn't openly broach the topic.
ryeojin & myo-myo ---

as stated in their character bios, ryeojin and myo have a chaotic relationship. right from the start of being selected and put into idol training, they immediately hated each other and fought constantly, and have continued to do so for the following 5 years up to present day. they fight over anything: who gets which hotel room, who gets to sit next to jin, who gets a certain game piece, who can do more push-ups, who is the better dancer, etc. their agency's management was aware of their competitive streak right off the bat, and to make sure to give fans a good impression (as in that the members don't actually hate each other) they required the two of them to work together to show that the two maknaes are the best of friends. thus a life time of being paired up together for variety show games, interviews, harmonies, music video scenes, etc. was begun.

of course it all started because myo's insistence that he is stronger and better than ryeojin based on the easy fact he is from a prolific demon family, while ryeojin is simply an amorphous demon. prior to the group's formation myo was sheltered and born with a silver spoon, so his ideology only reflects what he was taught by his elders. meanwhile ryeojin has a huge disdain for the "elite" demon families, is of the belief that they'll drive the demonworld to ruin. he especially hates clans like myo's, who greedily hoard wealth and power.

....... however. over the significant amount of time the group has spent together, ryeojin and myo have developed a certain bond. sort of a, you're-my-eternal-rival-and-i-despise-you-but-maybe-we-are-sort-of-friends-but-i would-never-admit-to-it? vibe. nowadays, despite still being antagonistic with each other they are joined at the hip both on and off camera. maybe it is a byproduct of having to pretend to be friendly.

if it weren't for the whole they hate each other because of their background thing, they would actually make perfect friends. they have a similar sense of humor, they are the two most energetic members, they like similar things (both care about fashion, dancing, food, etc). it is this commonality that sparked friendship between them, yet they both still feel the need to act cruelly to each other. and of course they both have very competitive spirits, which has only grown stronger as time went by.

during the course of this story, at some point ryeojin goes off alone for a couple months for some press conferences and a small tour while DVBZ was on a brief hiatus. he had done a single with another popular female idol, which did pretty well. myo mopes around the mansion the entire time he is gone, bored out of his mind and miserable. he starts acting extra bratty to both his remaining group mates and their staff. he religiously watches every concert, interview, and livestream that ryeojin does to "make fun of him".

while doing standard DVBZ interviews, myo is noticeably more reserved than usual. their fans notice and speculate of course he is sad because he's missing his best friend! the other members of the group become extremely annoyed with myo. jin tries to comfort myo by telling him ryeojin will be back soon, to which myo flies off the handle and tells him he doesn't give a fuck what he does, that he can finally have some peace without him around! in any case, jin calls ryeojin and tells him to cut the tour short and come home because "his dog misses him and won't stop whining". ryeojin had no idea what that meant but always listens to jin hyung, so he headed home. all was resolved shortly thereafter.

....... until. rumors started to spark about a possible romantic relationship between ryeojin and the girl he had done the single with. she is actually from a group under the same agency as DVBZ, so their agency didn't have a problem with this, in fact they started encouraging it since public reception seemed to be generally positive. ofc the rumor wasn't actually true, she and ryeojin weren't more than friends and professional colleagues, but were under the obligation to follow their agency's directive. and thus, they started going on a few public dates together.

well, myo had a similar reaction to the time that ryeojin was away on tour, only 10x worse. excessively annoying, bratty, sulking, complaining, etc. this again was driving the other members insane. shotaro found it very bothersome to hear repeated complaints from myo. hikari found it rather interesting how obsessed myo was with this, but was overall getting annoyed and bored hearing about it. jin was exasperated, and really feeling sorry for myo because he could tell it was hurting him, even if he didn't realize it himself.

jin begged ae yun to break off the staged relationship, she argued that it was good for both ryeojin's and DVBZ's image and also what upper mgmt wanted. but he pleaded that it was making everyone miserable and severely damaging morale. ae yun listened to jin and put a word in with their PR team to say that ryeojin and his companion have decided to just be friends. all was resolved shortly thereafter! (moral of the story... keep throwing tantrums and you'll get your way??)

hikari & shotaro ---

back in the demon world, hikari and shotaro were once one being. they were this 2 headed serpent dragon thing. they spent around 200 years like that, but then naturally split apart via mitosis. despite now being two entities, they have always remained together. so when the opportunity arose to travel to the human world and gain a higher standing, hikari presented the idea and shotaro agreed.

for the majority of their lives, hikari has done most all of the talking for the two of them. shotaro is able to communicate easily with hikari, but not anyone else. hikari is pretty much able to tell what shotaro is thinking most of the time. likewise shotaro always listens to what hikari tells him to do. they are both extremely codependent.

they have been involved in various schemes (due to hikari's ambition), and becoming idols is only the latest one. simply put, hikari is power hungry. he pretty much sees himself and shotaro as one unit, so his plans always include his brother. he aims to be powerful and influential in the demonworld. his ambition is malicious, (for the most part) he really doesn't care about anyone besides himself and his brother. shotaro didn't used to have a problem with this, since the only person he was ever close to was hikari. however over the past couple of years spent in the humanworld learning new things and becoming closer with their group mates, he has started to gain a new perspective.

shotaro has started to question hikari's high ambitions, specifically his methodology in attaining them. it seems hikari would burn the world down if it placed them in better standing.

despite some recent conflict, they both love each other are very attached to one another. they do have individuality and have their own hobbies, they don't spend every moment together especially now that they're living in the humanworld.

as for their looks, they look similar but not identical. notably, shotaro refuses to get his hair bleached so he always wears it black, while hikari usually has his dyed various bright colors. the reason they have japanese names is because their idol persona (as dictated by mgmt) is that they are half-japanese.

ae yun & DVBZ ---

outside of her relationship with jin, she has a working relationship with all the other members too.

her relationship with myo and ryeojin is roughly the same. they are energetic and chaotic, and she often is relying on jin to make them get along. it causes her stress that they will act out in public, so she is often chastising them. they do both have an appreciation for her, and are amused with how uptight she is. despite their general positive regard, they don't spend much, if at all, time thinking about her possible terrible fate (like jin does). myo accuses her of favoritism towards jin (which she doesn't refute, jun is def her bias).

her relationship with hikari and shotaro is pretty professional overall. shotaro of course doesn't speak much with her, though she has tried and tried to push concepts on him. hikari sort of unnerves her, she feels like he can see right through her. and he kind of can, it's extremely obvious to him that she has a thing for jin, he thinks it's pretty hilarious given the situation. he even alludes to this to tease her, causing her much distress.

despite everyone's chaotic personalities, she has always believed in them and their success. their individual talents have always motivated her to keep working hard to make DVBZ a success.
jin & ryeojin ---

back when the group was first being formed, ryeojin found himself very pessimistic at having to work so closely with blue-blood demons. he was immediately set off by myo, but also felt the sly mocking grin behind hikari's friendly facade, as well us the uncaring, uninterested, lack of acknowledgment from shotaro. however during this, he was surprised when jin treated him openly and without pretense. both being more on the reserved side, they clicked very well and have only continued to grow their friendship as time has progressed.

ryeojin has a grand respect for jin, and the demon family he hails from is one of the few he doesn't have a negative opinion on. he has a lot of admiration for jin's leadership in their group and ability to mediate between everyone. he sees him as a really cool older brother, which is why he always listens to him even if he doesn't agree (for example when he's fighting with myo, and jin jumps in to break it up). jin likewise sees him as a younger brother.
jin & myo-myo ---

myo has a special spot in jin's heart as the maknae. despite myo's bad attitude jin can't bring himself to admonish him too harshly, he's just too cute. though he does wish myo could become slightly more self aware and emotionally intelligent.

myo has a respect for jin as an authority figure. he respects his lineage, and appreciates his general calm presence and sympathetic ear. like most other members he sees jin as an older brother. he does get annoyed when jin intervenes in his fights with ryeojin, even more so if he thinks jin is taking ryeojin's side. myo does have a certain weird jealousy over jin and ryeojin's close friendship.

jin understands myo in that he knows myo came from a sheltered background and doesn't exactly "play well with others". he feels sorry for myo because he has an inkling of myo's inner turmoil in regard to ryeojin. he tries to talk through myo's moodiness, but still hardly gets anywhere.
jin & hikari ---

while jin cares for all DVBZ members, hikari is the member he has the most uncertainty toward. it's not that they don't get along, they do get along very well. they are the oldest members, and both are pretty mature and self aware.

but he can always sense and see hikari's fakeness, the facade he plays to manipulate people. he knows and is not surprised that hikari is doing this for demonic related ambitions (everyone is to an extent) but he feels hikari has a level of separation between himself and others.

jin wants to bridge the gap and draw out the real hikari whoever that might be, and wants him to not think in the binary demonic philosophy that "power is everything".
jin & shotaro ---

all throughout DVBZ history together, jin has always tried to bring shotaro out of his shell. despite shotaro's continued aloofness, jin goes out of his way to include shotaro and try to draw him into the group. this annoyed shotaro at first, but he grew to secretly appreciate jin's efforts.

and it has actually drawn him out a bit, he is more open now than he ever was before thanks to jin's influence and support. he respects jin and places a level of trust in him that he hasn't ever given to anyone besides his brother.

likewise jin is proud of how far shotaro has come and wants him to step out from the shadow of his brother.
myo-myo & the twins ---

hikari and myo have something in common: they are both majorly lacking in empathy for others. because of this, they tend to get along and tease others together. the two of them are the most talkative in interviews. the difference between them is that myo is much more childish than hikari.

they make a funny pair in variety shows, and myo sometimes commiserates to hikari various gossip and how much he hates ryeojin. after a certain point though hikari gets very bored, since he doesn't have much interest in being friends with anyone. really myo doesn't either, he just likes to stamp his foot and complain to anyone who will listen.

as for myo and shotaro, myo is incessantly bored by shotaro so he is usually the last person he feels like talking to. given no other options to complain to, he will go find shotaro, but gets quickly annoyed when it's clear shotaro isn't listening to a word he's saying.
ryeojin & the twins ---

ryeojin isn't particularily close with hikari and shotaro, they have an overall neutral relationship.

he has a certain level of dislike for hikari, he has always had that feeling that hikari is making a joke at his expense, or egging him on to make a fool of himself. his sly fox face irritates the shit out of him, but usually not enough to actually pick a fight with him.

as for shotaro, they get along well enough considering shotaro doesn't really talk to him. shotaro's lack of acknowledgment irritated ryeojin at first, but later he got used to it and chalked it up to shotaro's weird personality. outside of public eye ryeojin is the type of person not to talk unless spoken to usually, so the two of them are able to sit in silence without the need to try and talk to one another.
general information ---

so canonically DVBZ debuted 5 years ago, and the story is basically set in underworld's present day. prior to that, they spent around 10 months in training. none of the members had ever met previously in the demonworld (besides hikari and shotaro), though all of them had heard of both myo and jin's families. the twins' lineage is less well known but still credible.

it hasn't been exactly made clear to them what their demon superiors' plan is to do with the fame and influence they've amassed in the human realm, they are currently under instruction to continue what they have been doing. the general consensus is they are a tool in the arsenal for when the much anticipated magic users vs. demons war breaks out.

as for their sound, i imagine them to make similar sounding music to EXO. they are all actually good singers which is part of why they were selected when the demonic human research team was putting this group together. they were also selected because of their raw demon strength and good looks.

there is no forced military service in lunar caldonia so that's not something that comes up LOL.

as for their concept, they are supposed to have sort of a "demonic" evil bad boy vibe. they usually dress sort of edgy and fashion forward. they all routinely change their hair color and style every few months (except shotaro who refuses).

ironically their official name "devil boyz" was decided for them by a non-demon affiliated upper mgmt executive. some of the group members think the name is very funny.

all 5 members live in a huge mansion together, in lunar caldonia's capital city.

their fanbase's name is .... (i can't think of one😭)