Boreal Ash

Head Sorcerer: Lawliet
climate: polar, freezing year round, uninhabitable by most humans and animals, (its basically antarctica)

Boreal ash contains the largest demon gate and has extremely high demonic activity. When a magic user gets assigned to be head sorcerer there it is typically a death sentence, and usually is a form of punishment. Most sorcerers die within like 2 months of being assigned. However the current sorcerer, Lawliet, has been holding the position successfully for 10 years.

LAWLIET Male/28/5'11"/CANCER
Lawliet is the younger brother of Lumi. He is an EXTREME child prodigy and was like considered a savage magical genius but he was a delinquent and ran away a bunch as a teen and did a lot of crimes in the eyes of the law of magic so when he was 18 he got sentenced to get lashed by this magical ancient weapon ("cruel blood oath") that doesnt heal for 1000 years, and also got sentenced to be the lead sorcerer of the boreal ash region, which is where he has been the past 10 years. The magic leaders of the world hate him lol but he continues to spite them. Personality wise he is kind of bratty but has grown to be pretty mature over time but still gets into fights over stupid stuff. Whenever Lumi + fam visit he gets in a fight w/ Elias bc they're frenemies. He also has a demon fish man familiar, Maki, that helps him w/ his sorcerer duties.
Hobby: astronomy + collecting anime figures

MAKI Male/229/6'7"/TAURUS
A water demon that is serving under Lawliet as his apprentice and familiar. He is one of Jiya's sons but has no interest in becoming a shogun, so he stays out of their conflict. He is pretty serious and a tsundere. Has a great respect for Lawliet but doesn't show it.
Hobby: lounging in the koi pond