Head Sorcerer: Simon
Climate: Continental, short mild summers with long and cold winters. It snows a lot in the winter, and rains for much of the year as well.
Brittania is basically similar to England, it has a LOT of huge old buildings, castles, cathedrals, catacombs, etc etc. A lot of the people are sort of uppity and there are a lot of famous old mage families living there.

The main character in this uses time magic (see: Magic Systems)
Time magic is forbidden and mostly unheard of in modern times. Passed down by one small school in Brittania, Simon and Vallano are the only two known master time users left of it in the world.
bishounen skeleton man

Simon male/29/6'4"/LIBRA
A bishounen mage. He is begrudgingly the head sorcerer in Brittania, after his master died unexpectedly leaving him as her successor. he lives in a large old castle which contains lots of portals to other places in the world. despite his position and his coolguy demeanor he can be very childish and lazy. he hates having to do the work as a head sorceror and often avoids his duties, yet he can be relied on when it really counts. He is an time magic user, his use of time magic has caused the lower half of his face to decay, only showing skeletal parts. he is self concious of this disfiguration, as he used to be quite handsome. Also because of his use of time magic, his health is becoming poor and he knows that his time is limited, which is why he has been working hard to train his apprentice, as his master wanted him to continue to pass down this magic.
he has some demon-like features (horns, pointed ears, sliced pupils) from seldom times he has used demon magic.
Hobby: procrastinating, taking stray cats home

similar characters: Howl (Howl's Moving Castle)

Claudius male/31/5'9"/AQUARIUS
A relatively normal human who has the ability to attract demons and spirits. One night he met Simon, who cajoled him into coming to live with him and be his "assistant" which really turned out to be a housekeeper/cook/etc. Claudius is sort of a shy and reserved person, but can be hot-headed and annoyed easily, especially by Simon and Tomas. he is very creative and likes to write original piano music.
Eventually, Simon and Claudius develop a romantic relationship ~
Hobby: reading, playing piano

ladylike apprentice

Minty female/14/5'2"/LEO
Simon's apprentice in time magic. She comes from a long line of a high class mage family. Vallano is her father, but they have a strained relationship, he mostly ignores her and is very absent. She can be a bit snooty and likes to act older than she is. She is very serious and devoted to her studies and plans to be a head sorceror and a great mage. She has sort of a rich girl ohoho personality but she isnt bad natured, and can even act a bit girlish sometimes too. She grew a horn on her head after using demon magic once. She ran away from home to follow Simon, persuing her dream of being a time mage, and has never looked back. She respects Simon a lot even though she thinks hes a bum and an idiot.
Hobby: studying, drinking tea
cunning cat demon

Tomas male/1000+/height varies, human form is 5'8"/GEMINI
Tomas is a very powerful and cunning demon. He is Simon's familiar. Before becoming a familiar he used to serve under Nero. He is very wise and likes to come up with schemes, he both hates and loves Simon, they have been bonded since Simon was a child so he has protective feelings for him. He can also be a bit snarky. In the human world his natural form is a cat, he sometimes takes the human form of a beautiful woman (he says its easier to trick people, as they're quicker to let their gaurd down around a woman).
Hobby: shogi

similar characters: Yoruichi (Bleach)

dutiful rival

Vallano male/34/6'3"/SCORPIO
A fellow student and rival beside Simon studying time magic under Emyline. He is very serious and has no sense of humor. He came from a well known long line of mages. He was madly in love with Emyline, and he believes that the new world is undeserving of learning time magic, and that it should die with him and Simon, so he is out to get Simon for teaching ic to an apprentice (Even though it is what Emyline wanted). He also hates Simon because he blames the event which cause Emyline's death on Simon. His family forced him into an arranged marriage, which yielded his daughter Minty, he is an absent and uncaring father. The magic council forced Simon to be the head sorceror, although Vallano is (seemingly) just as strong, their reasoning is that Vallano is a loose canon.... and a scorpio.
Hobby: seething in his rage. and reading

similar characters: Vegeta (Dragon Ball), Sasuke (Naruto)
time master

Emyline female/37(deceased)/5'7"/ARIES
Simon and Vallano's master in time magic. She was also the previous head sorcerer of Brittania before Simon. She began teaching Vallano because his family asked her to, and she picked up Simon off of the streets. She was a thorough and strict intructor but had much love for her students. There was a situation involving Simon which caused her death, she protected him and ended up dying. She explicitly stated in her will that Simon was to be her successor as head sorcerer (rather than Vallano).
Hobby: gambling