demon world

all demons in this story originate from the demon world, a lot of them are living in the human world currently but they migrated there from here for whatever reason. the demon world is sort of like a different dimension and pretty anarchical. its a lot inspired by the demon world in yu yu hakusho lol.
for the last several thousand years there are 3 self proclaimed kings, (lysander, nero, jiya) all with different ideals, some demons followed these kings but some still stayed in anarchy. however since they have a bit of a following = more power for them, and they were already the strongest of demons.
currently, lysander is the only known standing king in the demon world. nero mysteriously disappeared within the last year (see: "lunar caldonia"), and jiya has fallen very ill, his children in internal strife over who becomes the king in his place.

some info about demons... like 70% of them are mindless chaotic monsters who only exist to fill primal desires. these are typically younger demons who spawned within the last 1000 or so years. the remaining 30% are demons who have gained back their sanity and intelligence. these demons are usually older, but not always. they are also extremely powerful.

444 y.o. - capricorn. - male.

yvan is the eldest son of lysander. he is stoic, serious, gets annoyed easily. he acts the part of the eldest prince, he's very disciplined and strong. deep down he is sort of a sweetheart.

he is widely feared and respected among demons and magic users alike. he generally stays in the demon realms, ruling in his father's stead. he on occasion goes to the human realm to wrangle his misbehaved younger brother.

hobby: training.
current goal: support his father's reign as the demon king.
smells like: spicy.
tarot card: v. the hierophant.
likes: peace and quiet.
dislikes: anyone causing trouble for him.
333 y.o. - libra. - male.

lysander's youngest son, the second born prince. he doesn't care much for demon politics and spends a majority of the time in the world of the living, getting into various mischief. he is very silly and kind of stupid and likes to have fun.

he generally is goofing off much to the dismay of his brother and father. despite their different ideology and bickering, he and his brother get along well.

hobby: video games, gambling, various human entertainment.
current goal: just have fun.
smells like: springlike.
tarot card: 0. the fool.
likes: his brother, humans.
dislikes: when the vibes are too serious or depressing.
10,000+ y.o. - scoprio. - male.
species: demon

crazy demon lord king. he is extremely powerful. he no longer has a human-looking form and is an amalgamation of disembodied limbs and monster parts, just this massive...thing exuding evil vibes. not much is known about him.

hobby: scheming.
current goal: control the demon world, and eventually overtake the human world, maybe destroy it depending on his mood.
smells like: rotten flesh.
tarot card: iv. the emporerer.
400 y.o. - sagitarrius. - male.

kitt is prince yvan's retainer. he is sort of silly and klutzy, but very earnest. he is very devoted to his duty of serving the demon prince, he has a high respect for him. kitt himself is a demon as well.

hobby: training, eating.
current goal: diligently serve yvan.
smells like: good, he wears human cologne.
tarot card: vii. the chariot.
likes: yvan.
dislikes: losing.