Demon World

all demons in this story originate from the demon world, a lot of them are living in the human world currently but they migrated there from here for whatever reason. the demon world is sort of like a different dimension and pretty anarchical. its a lot inspired by the demon world in yu yu hakusho lol.
at some point there were 3 self proclaimed shoguns, (Lysander, Nero, Jiya) all with different ideals, some demons followed these kings but some still stayed in anarchy. However since they have a bit of a following = more power for them, and they were already the strongest of demons.
Currently, Lysander is the only standing powerful shogun in the demon world. Nero mysteriously disappeared within the last year (see: "Lunar Caldonia"), and Jiya has fallen very ill, his children in internal strife over who becomes the shogun in his place.

Some info about demons... Like 70% of them are mindless chaotic monsters who only exist to fill primal desires. These are typically younger demons who spawned within the last 1000 or so years. The remaining 30% are demons who have gained back their sanity and intelligence. These demons are usually older, but not always. They are also extremely powerful.

LYSANDER Male/10,000+/6'10"/SCOPRIO
Crazy demon lord self proclaimed shogun. He is extremely powerful. He has several children but his favorite is his youngest son, Eloise (because he's the strongest). Not much is known about him besides hes out for blood of magic users.
Hobby: finger nails

ELOISE Male/27/5'11"/LIBRA
Lysander's youngest son and demon prince. He doesn't care much for demon politics and spends a majority of the time in the world of the living, particularly with his human wife, Seraphina, who was his childhood friend. He is basically a NEET living off of her. He is very silly and kind of stupid and likes to have fun. He is almost always naked.
At some point, him and Seraphina go to live in the demon world.
Hobby: card games, video games, anime
Career woman and wife of Eloise. She knows about the underworld + demon world but doesn't rlly care about it. She lives in a huge house and is Eloise's sugar mama. She is kind of tsundere and serious but still likes to have fun. Her and Eloise are in a constant state of worrying about each other.
Hobby: business calls, working