Head Sorcerer: Abidan De Fiore
Climate: Temperate, long falls and winters. The majority of Elmyrian is covered in mountains, so the weather tends to be dry and cold due to the high elevation.

Due to the terrain, most people live in villages and there aren't many large cities. The people who live in Elmyrian are very traditional, do not like foreigners, and usually pretty reserved.
future hero

Lance male/19/5'10"/LEO
A no-name magic user from a small farming town in Elmyrian. He wants to be famous throughout the land for his epic magic melee fighting. He begins working for the De Fiore family, he is basically assigned to be a grunt but plans on working his way up. He has a lot of magic potential but messes up often. He got lucky summoning a powerful familiar, Lin Fang. However they get along poorly so they have yet to reach their maximum fighting potential.
Later in the story he gets into a situation where he has to protect/travel with Noemi. He thinks she is cute and marrying her would be an easy ticket to fame.
Hobby: delusions of grandeur
lazy demon

Lin Fang female/1000+/6'2"/SCORPIO
A very poweful demon lady who works under Lysander. She was summoned to be Lance's familiar, she only accepted the contract because he promised her she could eat his heart after he became famous and made a name for himself. She sensed his magic potential so she accepted. She is very nefarious and mischevious but also gets angry easily and complains a lot. She is really lazy usually. She is secretly a bit lonely and lacking direction. She is a tsundere and gets jealous easily.
Hobby: smoking

fuhrer fiore

Abidan De Fiore male/68/6'0"/CANCER
Head sorcerer of Elmyrian. He is of the De Fiore family, which is a very well established noble family in Elmyrian that has held the title of head sorcerer for several generations. Their family is seemingly well cultured and looks good in the public eye, but secretly they have had nefarious dealings for decades, Abidan is no exception. He peddles and pushes crime all to the benefit of himself and Elmyrian, with his old age he has become more and more corrupt. He has held the position of head sorcerer for over 40 years.
Hobby: being crazy
lady de fiore

Noemi De Fiore female/17/5'5"/PISCES
Young lady of the De Fiore house. She is the granddaughter of the head sorcerer Abidan. She is very sheltered and a bit judgemental. She was raised to be very proper and noble like. Although she is from the famous De Fiore family, she has yet to demonstrate any magical ability and fears she may not have any magical abilities at all.
Hobby: dolls
samurai dad

Orion male/52/6'1"/TAURUS
Orion is the head samurai working for the De Fiores in charge of their troops/bodyguards/henchmen/etc. He is a very wisened warrior and a master in manipulation magic. Like most manipulation magic users, he uses it in combination with a weapon. His wife died giving birth to their son. His son died when he was 18 in a battle, which was extremely devastating for Orion. In the current timeline it was about 10 years ago that he died. During this story, Lance ends up as Orion's apprentice/squire. Orion grows to see Lance as a son and becomes very fond and protective of him.
Hobby: making tea, meditating