lunar caldonia
head sorcerer: lumi
climate: temperate, mostly warm and sunny year round, short autumns and winters, long springs and summers

lunar caldonia is composed of new wave industrialized cities, its like a combination of america and japan lol. lots of big cities and also suburbs.
comparable country: japan, the U.S.
female - 42 - 5'9" - leo
species: magic user (transmutation)

the head sorceress of the main region the story takes place and comes from a long line of extremely powerful magic users. she is rlly erratic and silly and over the top and does everything on a whim but it usually works out. is married to elias and they've been together since they were like 16/17 (thats a whole other half of the story lol) she loves him verrry much.

hobby: cosplay + tarot cards
male - 41 - 6'0" - cancer
species: werewolf

hothead tsundere dad. he is a werewolf lol but it was rough bc he was only raised by his human mother who didnt know he was and he hid it from his family. when he was 15 his best friend died in a car accident which was really traumatizing for him and affects him even now; he is afraid to go in cars (he just werewolf runs everywhere) and he constantly despairs over his own mistakes. he also is the leader of like basically furry anbu like special ops werewolf organization that hunts anyone disturbing the peace.

hobby: laying under the kotatsu
gabriel "gappy"
male - 15 - 5'7" - capricorn
species: werewolf + magic user (cultivation)

only child of lumi + elias (they decided they love him too much to ever have another kid). his mom calls him "gappy". he looks and acts exactly like his dad lol like super tsundere but also caring. he is expected to be like the strongest mfer ever bc he has both good werewolf + magic user genes, he is good at using both skills however he doesn't really care about that kind of stuff, he just wants to go to school and be normal. he hides his powers from his classmates. he is highly embarrassed by his lovey dovey hippy parents.

hobby: video games
??? - 10,000+ - 5'3" - cancer
species: demon (currently residing in human body)

previously a shogun of the demon world, but due to certain events they lost their original body and had to inhabit the nearest + freshest empty body which happened to be a 15 year old girl's body who had drowned herself moments before. they are also basically in a contract to be lumi's familiar, they didn't really have a choice but to be under the protection of her and elias as they are super vulnerable now and a lot of other demons want them dead lol. anyway nero is living with lumi's family and introduced as their niece/gabriels cousin. elias forces nero to go to high school for his own amusement, nero has to go and act as normal as possible which is exceedingly difficult for them. they are frenemies with gabriel and often follow him around at school. somehow nero also became friends with a normal human girl named ivy.

hobby: destruction and mayhem
male - 682 - 6'1" - aquarius
species: vampire

long time somewhat butler of lumi's family (originally because he owed them bc they saved his life once, but now he just basically lives rent free in elias + lumi's basement) he helped raised both lumi + lawliet and then gabriel. he is super serious and pissed all the time and has to fix everyones messes. he is also super knowledgable about magic world stuff and extemely strong. he is overly serious and sort of dramatic and starts talking like hes in some tragic shakespearean play unironically. he cries during sex. hes had a rough life as a vampire and was once in love with this princess several hundred years ago who he couldnt be with and then she died tragically. but he recently found her reincarnation.......

hobby: poetry, soap carving
male - 27 - 5'10" - aries
species: [reincarnated] human

owner of pawn shop and previous member of yakuza (he still has tattoos and the yakuza is after him..). he was nicknamed "prince" by his former colleagues. he is a tsundere and kind of harsh. recently a weird vampire man has come into his life insisting he was some princess from a far off time and he that hes in love with him. cyrus finds this extremely troublesome and annoying but lets him stay as a part-time worker (bat works for free...anything to be by cyrus' side) cyrus has always had dreams of an extremely beautiful man and woman tragically in love, the man who mysteriously looks like bat....

hobby: making model gundams
male - 39 - 6'1" - libra
species: werewolf

previous member of elias' werewolf special ops and still a good friend of elias. he is currently looking for the person who murdered his childhood friend, mimie. he was very wild in his youth but now he is a pretty serious and mature person but still has a sense of humor. he adopted santi in his mid 20s and has been raising him ever since. he is literally [dont talk to me or my son ever again]

hobby: stag beetles
male - 17 - 6'0" - scorpio
species: werewolf

wild child werewolf and adopted son of inigo. he was abandoned as a pup and wondered the woods for a while until he took a liking to inigo. when he was younger he often ran around town as a wolf puppy and was once saved by a boy named jamie after getting hit by a car. he is currently attending school to reconnect with the human boy that once saved him. he has poor social skills and often acts erratically.

hobby: eating meat
male - 17 - 5'10" - virgo
species: human

pretty much a normie human attending high school. he is very kind and likes to take care of others altho he can have a bit of a temper. he is basically the pictueresque senpai lol. he used to be on the baseball team but he quit. recently he has been having to deal with the strange transfer student that follows him everywhere (santi)

hobby: studying
similar characters: masayuki hori (gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun)
male - 15[deceased] - 5'8" - libra
species: human

a rowdy and kind boy that was elias' best friend in youth. he was always there for elias especially about his werewolf powers, kiri was the only person elias revealed his powers to when he was young. he was on the baseball team (along with elias). he was the type to always have a girlfriend but usually didn't last for more than a month. one evening after walking home from baseball practice, elias became distracted by the moon in the middle of the road. kiri pushed him out of the way of a car but was unfortunetly hit himself and died.

hobby: girls
male - 15 - 5'10" - aquarius
species: [reincarnated] human

a rowdy and sweet boy who is on the soccer team. he is gabriel's best friend. he doesn't know anything about the underworld and thinks nero is just gabriel's weird cousin. his parents are divorced. he is a sports goth that doesn't know hes a sports goth.

hobby: soccer
female - 15 - 5'7" - pisces
species: human

a shy and kind girl who recently became friends with nero after they inadvertently cheered her up after getting rejected by her crush at school. she is super insecure and passive and doesnt have a lot of loyal friends. that is until she meets nero (whom she percieves as another normal 15 y/o girl lol) she often invites nero to eat lunch with her and even over for sleepovers. (nero complies)

hobby: sewing + knitting
male - 22 - 5'10" - capricorn
species: werewolf

silent and reserved kuudere. he is a current member of elias' werewolf special ops. he takes work very seriously and is very efficient + quick.

hobby: succulents
male - 23 - 5'11" - pisces
species: werewolf

easy going and lazy guy. he is another current member of elias' werewolf special ops. he likes to relax and watch clouds go by. he has an unrequited love for ash.

hobby: sleeping