in this story i decided to attempt a hard magic system.. it is somewhat inspired by nen from hunter x hunter and radiants from the stormlight archive. since i'm still working on it rn i may still change some things around or add more
the five types of magic: each magic user is classified in one of the magic group types. (since i'm still developing this story, some groups may be added yet) typically a magic user will only use spells within the realm of their magic order, but it is possible to use magic from different types, but it would be a bit of a strain/unnatural. usually only very skilled magic users can perform skills outside of their order at all. within each magic order there are several different paths a user could go down and expand upon. there are plenty of opportunities and paths unknown yet to the world. in general, users within a certain magic group tend to have similar personality traits.

i should mention as well that some magic users will have a demon familiar. it is optional, so not everyone has one. typically, a magic user will summon one with a magic circle, and the contract will be made from there. neither one of the parties has much say in the contract after the demon has already been summoned. it is either continue on with the contract or fight to the death, getting out of it. the benefits to a familiar, is that they can lend and heighten a users' magic. they may also help a magic user fight. the negatives are that often times demons are hostile and hard to get along with, and it is common for them to attack especially when first summoned. the contract is in effect until one of the parties dies. it is unknown how exactly a demon is picked for a user, it is believed that the two will have similar souls and be attracted to one another.

there is also the ability for magic users to tap into demon magic. this leads to extreme power, but with great cost to the user, and only extremely skilled magic users can actually make use of it. the penance for using demon magic causes a person to basically turn into a demon whilst its being used. a user will only turn into a demon in small increments (grow horns, pointed ears, grow a tail, etc.) but eventually using too much will cause them to turn into a fully blown mindless demon.
transmutation is the ability to change an inorganic object into another inorganic object. for example, changing a chair into a desk, or a cupcake into ice cream. obviously this can be used in a multitude of ways, it all depends on the users individual desires with their magic and their own style and creativity. transmuting isn't necessarily on a 1:1 ratio, as in theoretically you could change a wristwatch into an airplane, but it would take an extreme amount of effort and magic. the more similar an object is to what you're trying to change it to, the easier it will be. in order to properly transmute something, the user must understand the components of the current item, and likewise for what they are trying to change it to.
transmuters are energetic, adaptable, and reliable. they are usually extroverted and sanguine temperment.
notable transmuters: lumi (lunar caldonia)
illusion is the ability to create false illusions. this can include illusions on the terrain, on people, and on magic users themselves. the larger the illusion, the more magic required. the longer the illusion lasts, the more magic required. this illusion can affect all 5 senses. the senses easiest to hardest to affect in order are: sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch. sight takes the least amount of magic, touch takes the most.
illusionists are imaginative, cunning, and prone to deceit. they are usually introverts and melancholic temperment.
notable illusionists: lawliet (boreal ash)
manipulation is the ability to change the surface of inorganic objects. this includes making objects slippery, sticky, hot, cold, etc. this can be on any tangible object or structure. the larger the area, the more magic consumed. the longer manipulation is in effect, the more magic consumed. a common route for manipulators is to manipulate the surface of a weapon they carry with them, and fight with that.
manipulators have confidant and sometimes arrogant personalities. they tend to be a bit emotional. they are usually extroverts and choleric temperment.
notable manipulators: lance (elmyrian)
cultivation is the ability to manipulate plant life. they have the ability to excelerate growth of existing plant life, and to grow a plant from scratch. growing a plant from nothing takes much more magic, and the user must know the components of the plant. they also have the abiltiy to create hybrid plants. one common route for cultivators is medicine and healing. another common route is cultivating poisons. ancient cultivators were rumored to be able to practice necromancy, though this hasn't been heard of in thousands of years.
cultivators are diplomatic, modest and practical. they are usually introverts and phlegmatic temperment.
notable cultivators: gabriel (lunar caldonia)
time is the ability to time travel, and to effect the passage of time. this is the rarest magic order, and it is also forbidden given its potentially extremely dangerous nature. users who use time magic have the ability to slow time, restore objects to a previous time, and to even time travel. actual time travel puts both the user and the fabric of time at risk, so naturally it takes a lot of magic and a lot of precision to properly do this. the farther a user goes back or forth, the greater the risk. another possible misfortune of this is the user's body not being able to coincide with the time travel, and it can cause parts of their body to permanently decay, in response to the physical body moving rapidly through time.
time users are flighty, fatalistic, and pessimistic. they are usually introverts and melancholic temperment.
notable time users: simon (brittania)
otherworld information
magic users can take upon a familiar. a familiar is a demon, that becomes bound to a magic user. not every magic user summons a demon, out of fear the demon will kill them. usually, in the summoning ritual, a magic user is prepared for the demon to attempt to kill them, it is pretty common for them to be hostile.
the ritual binds the human magic users soul to the demons for the rest of their lives. the demon is in service to the magic user, will fight on their behalf, lend their power, be their retainer, etc. notable magic users + their familiars: simon + tomas, jesper + silva, lumi + nero, lawliet + maki, lance + lin fang

reincarnated humans information
a human will be reincarnated if they died with severe regrets. usually reincaranted humans will often feel a strong sense of deja vu. subconciously they try to soften their sorrow and regrets from their tragic past lives.
notable reincarnated humans: cyrus, callum