Head Sorcerer: Jesper
Climate: Dry, Temperate. It doesn't rain much. At ground level it is relatively warm, but within the chasms the weather is very cool.

Syracuse is a strange country that is covered mostly by giant chasms. These chasms are typically hundreds of feet deep. The population of Syracuse is relatively low for its size, and most of the people in this country live in the chasms. There is not much of an actual government, so it is known for being a common place for fugitives to hide in. The natives of Syracuse are commonly recluses and known to be very strange, yet also known for their advances in science. People mostly live quite distantly from each other and spread out throughout the country, however there are a few cities within Syracuse.

Jesper male/34/6'2"/SAGITTARIUS
Head sorcerer of Syracuse. He is kind of creepy and extremely weird. He has a great sense of humor. He is a scientist and often does research on magic / magic devices / etc. People always expect the worst from him and assume incorrectly about him. He uses cultivation magic, and has been working on bringing back the lost art of necromancy.
Hobby: Bonsai

similar characters: Kurotsuchi (Bleach)

Silva female/200+/5'6"/PISCES
Silva is Jesper's familiar. She has a meek and nervous personality. She is an extremely weak demon and her only ability is to turn invisible, and to be able to make Jesper turn invisible. She is often looked down on by other demons. However despite her weakness, Jesper and her get along very well. She also doubles as Jesper's lab assistant.
Hobby: Hiding