the hellfire clan is an extremely well known long lineage of a clan, holding fuedal positions for centuries, and over the last 50 years they have been debatebly the most affluent clan in the worldstate.

they are best known for carrying the rare "perfect weather" ability, every couple generations someone in their family line is born with this ability. historically they have been involved in several wars and other world events. socially, they are known for their brutality and being sore winners, and of course for their extraordinary magic strength.

public opinion: fear. people are afraid of the name hellfire, know not to approach one. they are known for flipping their lid and exerting their power and status. people generally regard them as one of the strongest clans in the worldstate.

known for: "perfect weather" the trait that allows full control over the weather. including lightning storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, solar flares, ice, etc etc.

physical attributes: silverblue hair, sharp canine teeth, cold and unfeeling stare.


the bloodseye clan is an old family who is very traditional and reclusive. they were once considered a very powerful lineage, but have fallen to from grace due to the decline in births exhibiting their ancestors' strongest ability.

their legendary ability commonly referred to as 'bloodseye lazer canon', is an extremely strong lazer beam that hunters are able to shoot at will. these beams are deadly and disintigrate most anything in their path. those with this ability are born with a large crystal gemstone somewhere on their body, usually their head, and this is the source of the power. overuse of the lazer causes fatigue. because of the sheer power of the lazer, it usually takes decades of training to properly control it.

bloodseye is a very religious clan, ascribing to the beliefs of heaven's sanctuary. for many generations they are known with aligning with fanatic religous affiliations and extremist religious beliefs.

public opinion: generally regarded as a disgraced family. they used to be considered highly elite, but with the rapid decline in clansmen not being born with the rare bloodseye canon, their reputation fell as well. however, people have been whispering about them recently due to two hunters currently holding the ability (aurelia and gwendolynne).

known for: bloodseye lazer canon.

physical attributes: black hair, pale and pasty skin.

sons of belial

the 'sons of belial' are the most infamous and deadly guild in the worldstate. they are an S ranking assassin underguild, well known and frequented by criminals of all caliber.

all members of this guild are infamously fearsome and must be avoided at all costs, not that you could if they're after you. they are universally hated, as they will kill just about anyone for the right amount of coin. there is a high bounty on all known members set forth by the council and world police.

(known) members: gwendolynne, eden.

heaven's sanctuary

heaven's sanctuary is an extremist religious cult. they are known for their extreme and disturbing religious practices, which include human sacrifice, summoning demons, burning those who go against their beliefs, etc.

they have become much more infamous and powerful over the last few years, mostly due to aurelia joining them. heaven's santuary aims to "cleanse the world of all evil and only allow the pure untainted angels to fly"!

killer angels

killer angels was sergio's band which peaked over 20 years ago. they were and still are extremely famous, greatly admired and listened to today. they're considered classic heavymetalrock (they are a bit similar to black sabbath and iron maiden).

sergio was the lead guitarist and vocalist in the band, and wrote several of their most famous songs. part of why sergio is so universally beloved is because of the popularity of killer angels.

killer angels broke up in a fiery passion when the other vocalist/bassist was envious that sergio was more popular than he. there was also impending strife due to sergio's imminent arranged marriage and growing clan duties. they all hate each other, and they all especially now hate sergio that he's the only of them to still be famous and loved.


the fang clan is famous for their martial art ability and techniques. they are a unique clan in that they are all once orphans, adopted into the clan. because of this they don't follow an heir, but rather the lead elder. they all go through rigorous training for years growing up, living like monks.

the fang clan elder passes down an ancient 'hidden ancient power' from leader to leader. this power is very great and terrible, and has been protected by the fang clan for centuries. they have long kept it from falling into nefarious hands.