sergio hellfire
44 y.o. - aquarius. - male.
tarot card - IV. the emperor.

sergio is the current heir of the hellfire family, and the fuedal lord of the 13th state. he is a world renowned and highly sought after hunter. he was in a very famous rock band called 'killer angels' from ages 19-24 (they broke up), he was the lead vocalist and guitarist. he was voted #1 most eligible bachelor in the hunter press.

his personality is very introverted, stoic, and anti-social. he hates interacting with anyone, or doing any work. he is generally annoyed by the masses' affections for him.

he is famous for his "perfect weather" control. he can do anything related to weather, on a massive scale. the strength of his power is unique even among others in their world. he can go as far as to cause tsunamis, avalanches, tornadoes, dust storms, etc.

being from one of the great clans, sergio was forced into an arranged marriage to continue on the hellfire family line, and procure a powerful heir. he willingly wed aurelia bloodseye to honor his family, although he really did not want to. pretty much instantly he and aurelia hated each other, they lived together in the hellfire estate for a few years, but after the twins were born sergio moved out atop a giant, desolate mountain and has been living there ever since. as soon as sterling, the 2nd born son, was born, he divorced aurelia and has avoided her ever since. he absolutely despises his ex-wife and doesnt really care about his children. although he is an absentee father, all of his children greatly admire him and seek his approval, and are proud to have such a powerful and highly regarded hunter as their father.

sergio now spends most of his time being a recluse in his mountain home, playing video games and guitar. he is accompanied by his father, tyrryn, and his retainer, vail. they are recently joined by detective midnight, who has recruited sergio's help in investigating the crimes of aurelia.

hobby: video games, guitar.
current goal: to live as a recluse and avoid everyone. kill anyone who annoys him.
smells like: spicy fruit, axe spray.

gwendolynne hellfire
19 y.o. - capricorn. - female.
tarot card - II. the high priestess.

gwendolynne is the eldest child of sergio and aurelia. she has a similar personality to sergio, she is quite standoffish, stoic, and icey.

her most notable ability is the very powerful 'bloodseye lazer canon', inherited from her mother. she is the only of her siblings to inherit this power. her other ability is control over rain, inherited from her father.

as the lazer canon is extremely powerful and difficult to control, gwendolynne carries with her a specially crafted enchanted rifle that allows her to shoot more concise and condensed shots of the lazer beam. the ability typically manifests as a gemstone somewhere on the body, gwendolynne's manifested on her right eye. for maximum power, gwendolynne has to remove the eyepatch and shoot the full power of the canon from her eye. it is extremely powerful and destructive, but very impractical because it is so difficult to control.

she left home several years ago and travels around the worldstate as a hunter. she is quite well known as sergio's offspring and for her renowned abilities. she is a member of the very elite and infamous assassin guild, sons of belial. she despises her mother and hopes to kill her one day. she is very hated by her mother.

she often travels with eden, who is another member of the sons of belial. the two of them often work together on missions. cold as gwendolynne may be, she has a bit of a soft spot for eden.

hobby: taxidermy.
current goal: gain more affluence as a member of the underguilds. (underguilds: the black market of evil and powerful hunters and guilds, operating outside of the council).
smells like: rain, mold.

cassius hellfire
16 y.o. - pisces. - male.
tarot card - XVIII. the moon.

cassius is the elder twin of sergio and aurelia. cassius is very clever, inquisitive, empathetic, and thoughtful. cassius is trans (ftm). of note: he is the only of the hellfire-bloodseye children to inherit sergio's silverblue hair color, the rest are raven-haired.

he inherited the powers of ice and wind from his father. he carries an enchanted sword which is a hellfire family heirloom. he was given it by his grandfather tyrryn, who also has ice powers. the blade is suited for someone who specializes in ice magic.

he is very hated by his mother and twin brother, amadeus. his mother usually refers to him as "it", and is accused of wanting to steal the title of hellfire heir from amadeus.

recently, cassius left home to become a hunter, much like his elder sister gwendolynne did, whom he admires (and fears). upon setting out, he begins travelling with a girl named lyra, along with the hellfire family's ward, fei. the three of them adventure and work to join a guild.

hobby: puzzles, reading.
current goal: to set out on the world and become happy, to join a guild, to help lyra with her pilgrimage, to get away from his family.
smells like: christmas and frosty pine trees.

aurelia bloodseye hellfire
43 y.o. - aries. - female.
tarot card - III. the empress.

aurelia is the eldest daughter of the bloodseye family line. she is the ex-wife of the very famous sergio hellfire. she is the mother of gwendolynne, cassius, amadeus, and sterling. aurelia is a very bitter, calculating, clever, manipulative, imposing person.

she was the first in many generations of the bloodseye family to be born with their infamous ability, the bloodseye lazer canon. the gemstone manifested on her forehead. after decades of training, she has great control over the canon, making her a massively strong opponent.

she hates both of her "daughters", and wanted as many sons as possible. she is very judgemental and cruel towards them, and is especially resentful that gwendolynne inherited the rare bloodseye power (the lazer canon) and not a son instead. she also resents gwendolynne because she is young and beautiful, as aurelia used to be. aurelia is envious of her, wishes she was young and didnt waste her life. she loves and is obsessed with her son, amadeus. she spoils him rotten and schemes to make him as powerful as possible, as well as ensuring his status as the next hellfire heir.

aurelia is very bitter over sergio divorcing her, and plans to exact revenge. they wed when she was 24, and sergio was 25. they were in arranged marriage, thought up by the elders of both of their families. sergio was at the height of his fame, and aurelia was very honored to be marrying such a highly admired hunter. normally someone of the bloodseye clan would not be high enough in society to marry a hellfire, but because she was born with the lazer canon, the hellfire heirs hoped their offspring may be born with it. soon after marrying, the two of them instantly drove each other insane. aurelia was revolted by his terrible attitude. sergio despised aurelia for her cruelty and dreadful ambitions. as soon as the "back up" heir was born (sterling), sergio served aurelia with divorce papers. although disgraced, aurelia currently still has ownership of the grand hellfire estate, much to hellfire dismay.

religion was strictly enforced on her from childhood, and quite recently she joined a rapidly growing religious cult, known as heavens sanctuary. she has been travelling around the worldstate doing strange things and pulling strings behind the scenes. their long-term goal is to overthrow the current government (the council, lords, and magistrate) and instead put their religious leaders as the new world government.

hobby: religious practices.
continue with heaven's sanctuary's plan to overtake the worldstate. increase both her and amadeus' affluence, social standing, power, and wealth as much as possible. find a way into the hellfire vault. bring misfortune and death to sergio, gwendolynne, cassius.
smells like: burning leaves, wine.

milton bloodseye
31 y.o. - scorpio. - male.
tarot card - XII. the hanged man.

milton is the younger brother of aurelia and emory, and is the youngest son of the bloodseye lineage. he is very bitter, creepy, cynical and immoral. he is a drug addict and is a complete junkie. his teeth have mostly rotted out from prolonged drug use. he also frequently flips out in a drug rage. deep down he can be nice, occasionally.

he lives in the hellfire estate, and is a servant and a spy of aurelia. in return, aurelia provides him a constant stream of money (which he uses for drugs). milton hates sergio and all their children, he only cares about getting high. he hates aurelia too, but is loyal for her money. he often brings his junkie companions to the hellfire estate, and it is somewhat becoming a drug den.

while his father was the bloodseye link passing down the lazer canon ability, (though he didnt possess it himself), his mother's power had to do with sleep control. both emory and milton's magic ability is related to their mother's power. milton has the ability to influence people's dreams. he mostly uses this power to make people go insane by giving them constant horrific nightmares. he can also sometimes obtain information from people during their dreams.

hobby: getting high.
current goal: continue getting high, killing anyone in his way.
smells like: french fries. cigarettes.

amadeus hellfire
16 y.o. - pisces. - male.
tarot card - XV. the devil.

amadeus is the first born son of sergio and aurelia. because of his fortunate birth, he is the next in line as the hellfire heir. he is very spoiled, bratty, cruel, and overweight. he spends all his time in his room, on the computer.

he is his mother's favorite, and uses this to its full advantage. his father has shown him little to no recognition, which causes amadeus turmoil. he has always hated his elder twin, cassius. partially because of his mother's brainwashing, and also because he'd always been envious of cassius' ability to make friends. amadeus is deathly afraid of his older sister, gwendolynne, terrified that she will come to kill him.

amadeus inherited his father's ability to control electricity and wind. though he very rarely ventures out of the hellfire estate, his magic is very powerful.

hobby: computer, video games, anime, acquiring tvshow merchandise.
current goal: continue his expansive anime figure collection. continue living in luxury, playing on his computer all day.
smells like: sweat, body odor, monster energy drink.

21 y.o. - gemini. - female.
tarot card - VII. strength.

eden is a member of the 'sons of belial', along with gwendolynne. she is of no noteworthy birth. she is very cunning, tricky and mischevious. she is very good at lying, sneaking, and smiling creepily. she carries an array of daggers with her as well.

eden has the ability 'face changer'. once she has kissed someone, she is able to morph into them perfectly, including voice and clothes. this ability is rather uncommon, and most aren't as advanced with it as eden is.

eden was sold off as a child by a long forgotten family, and worked in a brothel for several years from ages 10-15. eventually she ran away. she had practiced her face changing for many years and was able to become a hunter, live on her own, travel the worldstate, working under the sons of belial.

for the last year or so, she began working with gwendolynne as partners on missions from the sons of belial. after many months traveling with gwendolynne, eden develops romantic feelings towards her. she hides this mostly well.

hobby: fashion, makeup.
current goal: gain more power to get farther away from her upbringing. take revenge on those like the people whove mistreated her. continue traveling with gwendolynne.
smells like: passion fruit, sugar.

sterling hellfire
11 y.o. - libra. - male.
tarot card - XXI. the world.

sterling is the youngest child of sergio and aurelia. he was possessed by a demon as an infant, so his infant human mind morphed and combined with the mind of a thousands of years old powerful and wilely demon. this has starkly changed his personality as opposed to a normal human. sterling is quite cunning and mischevious.

sterling pretends to be mute to his family. of most significance, he feigns to not have any magical ability either. because of this his family almost completely forgets about him, uninterested by his lack of power and inability to become a powerful hunter, overlooked in favor of his siblings. this works to his convenience, as it suits his agenda to not alert anyone to his conspirings. his closest ally is odin, the hellfire family wolf. odin is the only person he talks to.

in truth, sterling does have magical ability. he inherited the all-powerful and highly sought after "hellfire perfect weather" ability. just as his father, he has control over all weather related elements. due to the fact that he's partially a demon, he has a variety of other demon powers (fast healing, night vision, etc), but he is limited in his mortal body as to what he can do, as opposed to a demon at its full power.

of note: because of his perfect weather ability, he is able to freely open the hellfire vault, located in the bowels of the hellfire estate. this makes him 1 of 2 people alive that can open this vault, himself and sergio. obviously no one knows he can do this, and because sergio isnt around to monitor it, sterling can and does freely use the artifacts residing there.

as stated, he has both the mind of a child, and a wild demon. by his demon instincts, he conspires to cause mayhem and destruction to the worldstate, along with its most prestigious and self-righteous hunters.

hobby: crime and mayhem. minecraft.
current goal: cause mayhem to the council, lords, random civilians, etc. regain his full demon power.
smells like: rotting flesh.

1000 y.o. - sagittarius. - male.
tarot card - X. wheel of fortune.

odin is a long since guardian of the hellfire family, 1000 year old giant magic wolf. he owes his life to a long since passed ancestor of the hellfire clan. he is very noble, proud, stoic and serious. he is easily annoyed and not much patience.

both sergio and tyrryn grew up with odin, and they are long time friends of his. nowadays odin resides in the hellfire estate, usually hanging out with sterling, assisting him in his various nefarious schemes. he is quite amused by sterling's crusade of mayhem.

odin's abilities are amplified of what a normal wolf can do (sense of smell, speed, strength, etc). in addition, he is able to expel black flames that burn very hot. the reason he can do this is because he has some demon blood in him.

his voice is very low, deep, and reverant. he doesnt really move his mouth when he speaks.

hobby: howling at moon. bird watching.
current goal: continue watching over the hellfires.
smells like: wet dog.

30 y.o. - virgo. - male.
tarot card - VII. the chariot.

vail is sergio's retainer. he wears a mask covering his face, hiding his many battle scars. he has a rather bizarre and erratic personality. most people are fearful or creeped out by him. he talks effeminately and shaves off all of his hair. he's a bit of an exhibitionist.

vail was a die hard fan of killer angels (sergio's band) growing up. he lives in sergio's mountain home, basically as sergio's servant / bodyguard / lieutenant / errand boy. he idolizes sergio and is kind of obsessed with him. sergio has no special feeling towards vail other than him being his subordinate.

vail's ability is that he is an extremely efficient assassin. his abilities make him have very high speed and dexterity. he weilds multiple swords, daggers, poison darts, etc. he is so good that he is infamously known among the underguilds as "flash kill". he is not from any lineage of note.

hobby: botany (he likes growing poisonous flowers).
current goal: continue loyally serving sergio. kill all of sergio's enemies.
smells like: expensive cologne.

tyrryn hellfire
75 y.o. - leo. - male.
tarot card - XX. judgement.

tyrryn is the father of sergio, and is the lead hellfire elder. he reigned as the hellfire heir for over 50 years, before he eventually relinquished heirdom to his son. in his day he was very cruel, stoic, powerful and merciless. he is responsible for why the hellfire's are so currently powerful, his ruthless reign advanced them to stardom. his ability is control over ice and rain, in hellfire tradition.

nowadays in his retirement, he is a bit senile and less serious. when sergio first took over as heir, tyrryn travelled around the worldstate sightseeing. in recent years, he has been living in sergio's mountain estate with him. he is extremely pissed that aurelia has posession of the hellfire estate, and constantly prods sergio to acquester it back.

tyrryn's wife, sergio's mother, died of illness a couple years after sergio was born. as tradition in the higher clans, tyrryn was in an arranged marriage likewise to sergio and aurelia, of which he helped arrange (he regrets this arrangement greatly).

though tyrryn was harsh and cruel to sergio while he was growing up, tyrryn loves and is proud of sergio, and praises him now. sergio has a complicated feeling towards tyrryn, and calls him by his first name. of his grandchildren, he has a soft spot for cassius as a fellow ice magic user, and gifted him his hellfire ice sword heirloom, of which he weilded since he himself was a teenager. he dislikes amadeus, too much like aurelia. he thinks gwendolynne is too much like a mobster. sterling is his favorite, he has a feeling that sterling is much more powerful than anyone thinks ...

hobby: gambling, smoking.
current goal: get rid of aurelia and get back the hellfire estate. help sergio to become as powerful as possible.
smells like: sweat, old man.
detective harry midnight
50 y.o. - taurus. - male.
tarot card - XI. justice.

detective midnight is a high ranking detective in the world police. given his experience he is granted free reign as an agent of the worldstate to investigate criminal activity. he is currently investigating aurelia for her crimes against the worldstate. he believes that she, along with the extremist religious organization "heaven's sanctuary", are planning an overthrow of the government. he is following leads on several strange things done all over the worldstate. as of recent, he has enlisted sergio's help in investigating her.

the midnight clan is moderately well known, but harry was born without any magical ability. harry is well known in his field for being a "boy scout", as opposed to many others in the world police that are corrupt. he has high integrity and a sense of justice. his personality is cynical, jaded, and eternally annoyed. he is very dedicated to his work, to the point where it has taken over his life. he lives in a total bachelor pad, and has no friends outside of work. he is constantly smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee (often with booze in it).

though he needs sergio's help in investigating aurelia, the two of them get along horribly, arguing constantly, their terrible personalities too similar. also, harry was never a fan of killer angels, and always thought they were overrated. they are only able to continue on because of their mutual hatred for aurelia and heaven's sanctuary. for the time being harry is residing in sergio's mountain estate while working on his investigation.

hobby: working.
current goal: prove beyond a reasonable doubt aurelia and heavens sanctuary are trying to overthrow the worldstate. stop criminals from ruining people's lives, as much as he possibly can.
smells like: cigarettes, coffee, booze.

lyra fang
16 y.o. - taurus. - female.
tarot card - XIX. the sun.

lyra is a young girl from the fang clan, on her pilgrimage to see the worldstate. the fang clan specializes in martial art abilities. their clan is a bit unique in that they are primarily made up of once orphans, unrelated to each other. lyra herself was one such orphan. lyra has an upbeat and determined personality, and can be a bit thick-headed. she is very excited to see the world.

in fang tradition, lyra fights with martial arts skills both with hand-to-hand combat and weapons. she is very dedicated to her pilgrimage as she is quite attached and proud of her clan.

lyra meets cassius soon after she left home, and soon after cassius left home himself. they decided to continue travelling together, at least until the next city. they became fast friends. they are later joined by fei, and the three of them travel around the worldstate adventuring as hunters.

a bit later in the story ... the fang clan is massacered while lyra is away on her pilgrimmage. it turns out, aurelia had ransacked the place on her crusade of overthrowing the council. she had failed in her search of the hidden ancient power of the fang clan. unknown to her, only a true fang can access the horrible power. in the shock and horror of finding her clan slain, in a rage she acqueised the ancient power for herself. she completely loses her mind and turns into a extremely powerful, mindless monster, threatening all of humanity.

hobby: practicing her abilities. sight seeing. journaling.
current goal: completing her pilgrimage for her clan.
smells like: fresh summer air.

fei topaz
15 y.o. - cancer. - female.
tarot card - XVII. the star.

fei is a ward of the hellfire clan. for the last couple years she lived in the hellfire estate. 3 years ago her clan, topaz, rebelled against the hellfire's control over the 13th state, but they were swiftly destroyed by sergio. fei was offered by her father as a peace offering and sign of surrender. she is technically a hostage, though luckily for her sergio deemed her a hellfire ward.

fei is quite bratty, immature, naive, selfish, emotional, lonely. she has hated living in the hellfire estate, uprooted from her home to live underground a freezing haunted mansion. though she was hostile towards anyone approaching her for years, cassius began and continued to visit her, bring her food, try to talk to her, etc. she formed an attachment to him because of this, and they became friends, despite fei's hostility.

when cassius leaves home, fei is ordered by aurelia to chase after him, and report back her findings.

her ability involves summoning butterflies. depending on the type of butterfly, it has different affects. some are venomous, some have healing ability, some glow in the dark, some become metal and double as a shuriken, etc etc. although this ability has many possibilities, it is limited to the fact that fei isnt very strong.

hobby: watching tv.
current goal: take revenge on the hellfires. return to her clan and homecity.
smells like: artificial syrup, candy.

emory bloodseye
47 y.o. - libra. - male.
tarot card - XVI. the tower.

emory is the eldest bloodseye son and heir to the bloodseye line. he is very high up in foxing inc., which is a very profitable huge and well known company in the worldstate. he works in the tallest building in the world, so tall that oxygen has to be pumped into the top floors. his father groomed and put pressure on him his entire life to get married and produce children to inherit the bloodseye lazer canon and bring the bloodseye name back into power and glory. he also had much pressure to maintain an affluent position in society, hence the job he has now. emory (as well as aurelia and milton) were subjected to much religious torture growing up, severely impacting their mental state even now. as the eldest and heir, emory received the heaviest brunt of expectations and abuse from their parents. the years of pressure and abuse from his father have caused him to be constantly on the verge of a mental breakdown.

his father put much pressure on him to get married, and when he was 36 he could no longer put it off. his parents forced him into an arranged marriage with a woman from a family of similar status. he very much didnt want to change his lifestyle, but buckled under the obligation and pressure from his family. his deteriorating mental state cracked as he neared his wedding. a very public tragedy 5 days after he was wed, his new bride found slashed to pieces and both of his parents strangled and beaten to death.

he is absolutely insane and had been committing multiple murders every week for the last few years or so (he cant remember). no one realizes he does this and no one has caught on.

emory's ability is "sleep paralysis". this ability allows him to hypnotize others into putting their body asleep, while their mind is awake. when people are in this trance, they have absolutely no ability to move their body, while still being fully cognizant.

spoiler ... he killed his bride and his parents in a rage from the years of strain and pressure. he was having a psychotic episode and has (mostly) convinced himself that he didnt do it. he has a well paid lawyer and connections to the world police, so he was never investigated much, their murders remain unsolved.

hobby: committing murder
current goal: W%(*()#*(##(*%-2 (he can't think straight)
smells like: soap, clean laundry.

33 y.o. - libra. - male.
tarot card - I. the magician.

jesper is the fuedal lord of the 12th state. he is from a no name lineage, but still posesses very high magical ability. jesper has a creepy, offputting, mad scientist personality. he is very dedicated to his work as a scientist, the only reason he agreed to be a lord was for the government funding for his research.he studies magic, alchemy, monsters and beasts, ancient forgotten world history, and all things supernatural. he is quite interested in the artifacts residing in the hellfire vault.

his magic ability is growing magic mushrooms. these mushrooms can have all sorts of different powers. some increase strength, some cause drowsiness, some are giant and can be shot as a canon, and there is a wide array of poisonous ones. he can even feed mushrooms to others and control their brain with this power.

growing up, jespers father was a scientist too, and desperately wanted to give himself magic powers. he experimented on his son, jesper, to try and achieve this. the fathers experiments were finally successful after many years or torture and experimentation. once jespers powers were realized, he used them to kill his father.

jesper hates all other fuedal lords and tries to avoid them. though secretly he is a huge fan of 'killer angels'. his only trusted ally is his retainer, silva.

hobby: science, research, experiments.
current goal: continue researching the forgotten history, and further his magic research. find a way into the hellfire vault.
smells like: burnt hair, bleach, sugary soda.

silva silver
29 y.o. - pisces. - female.
tarot card - XIV. temperance.

silva is jesper's retainer. she is from a very affluent and powerful clan, the silver clan. they are known for their abilities related to light magic. silva's ability is that she is able to turn invisible. this is considered a very weak ability, and she is highly looked down upon by her family members. (their powers are more combat based, such as lights so bright they burn their enemeies eyes, skin, etc. or the ability to hypnotize people with their light. so, in comparison silva is quite weak).

she is very meek, nervous, timid sort of person. it is only because of her family name that she was appointed as retainer. she was very scared jesper would dislike her and be disappointed with her weakness. however to her delight, jesper and her get along very well and have a deep understanding of each other. she also is his lab assistant on his research.

silva much admires jesper, and is very moved by him, as he is the first person in her life to care, respect, and be a friend to her. she has fallen hopelessly in love with him. she tries her best to hide and forget this.

hobby: sewing, cooking.
current goal: continue serving and helping jesper however she can.
smells like: cookies and other baked goods.

laurie dragonsbane
40 y.o. - aquarius. - male.
tarot card - VI. the lovers.

laurie is the fuedal lord of the 3rd state, and the dragonsbane heir. he is a hippy gentleman who smokes weed 24/7. he is very chill and cool. he is also a very esteemed and talented artist. he is world renowned for his painting and sculptures. he did their modern day sistene chapel while completely stoned.

he is from a very esteemed family, dragonsbane, comparable to the hellfires. they are known for their iron lungs and ability to expel smoke that has various powers. some smoke makes illusions, toxic/poison, sleep gas, etc. being the prized dragonsbane heir, laurie can use all of these among several others. tradtionally dragonsbane clansmen craft their own special magic pipe to smoke from. laurie has extremely strong smoking magic, some say he could singlehandedly burn a hole in the ozone layer with just one riff.

although most just see laurie as a stoner and lecher he is very sharp, smart, and politically savvy. he is an expert vibe checker and can usually tell when someone is lying. his nickname is “the prince of dragonsbane”. he never loses his cool and is usually the voice of reason in feudal lord summits.

hobby: art, painting, sculptures, vaping.
current goal: continue doing whatever he wants.
smells like: weed, smoke, bonfire.

leon onyx
46 y.o. - cancer. - male.
tarot card - v. the hierophant.

leon is laurie's retainer. he is from the onyx clan which has been humbly, dutifully and loyally serving the dragonsbane family for generations. leon is very rigid, and always wears his assigned military uniform.

because of his clan, leon has known laurie since they were both children. he doesn't consider laurie his childhood friend per se, but more like an annoying child who he had to babysit, who was always getting himself in trouble.

laurie has fondly nicknamed him his "good luck charm". leon acts very annoyed and displeased with laurie at all times, but deep inside he has a great admiration and respect for him. he is very loyal and would defend him to the death. (and he is, of course, secretly in love with laurie).

his ability is the onyx clan's trademark, the ability to turn objects extremely heavy. this is performed by infusing either a blade or bullet with his magic, and hitting or shooting said item to the desired object to become heavy. it doubles the weight of anything it hits. multiple hits stack. the effect can last up to several hours.

hobby: reading.
current goal: continue tolerating/serving laurie.
smells like: aftershave.