09-24-2023: finished lonely castle in the mirror
08-23-2023: finished convenience store woman
08-19-2023: finished hard-boiled wonderland and the end of the world
06-22-2023: finished the remains of the day
05-23-2023: finished a wild sheep chase
04-18-2023: finished the bell jar
04-01-2023: finished crime & punishment
03-04-2023: finished mistborn #3 T_T
01-18-2023: finished greenlights, still readin mistborn #3
11-25-2022: finished howl's moving castle
10-31-2022: finished the well of ascension (mistborn #2) and the ocean at the end of the lane
07-09-2022: finished the brothers karamazov 😭😭😭
06-29-2022: adding this log!