story about a delinquent in the 90s

ARI Male/17/5'11"/ARIES
A gloomy delinquent who is often challenged to fight by other delinquents looking to prove themselves. Used to be a boxer but got suspended due to fighting outside of matches. Joined a biker gang in high school. Has a really gentle soul despite his talent/habit of fighting. softboi(tm). His favorite movie is Akira. He has a harem. Due to certain events he ran away at 17 to join a yakuza.
Hobby: boxing, fishing, motorcycles

MIKU Female/17/5'3"/CANCER
Popular at school and makes good grades. Kind of portrays a fake personality at school. She and Ari were childhood friends but she acts like she doesn't know him at school bc hes a poorly recieved delinquent and he'd hurt her reputation, but they still hang out outside of school. Her house is haunted. She has a younger sister and a golden retriever. 100% tsundere.
Hobby: cooking

Miku's younger sister and also close friend of Ari. She is very mischevious and silly. Ari sees her as a younger sister.
Hobby: pranks

Also known as "baby face". Member of the biker gang. Has a very youthful appearance that is popular with girls. He is pretty lazy and likes to eat junk food. He can act pretty immature too and others tend to baby him. He becomes friends with Ari after Ari takes the fall for something Misashi stole from another student.
Hobby: junk food

KIYOMI Female/17/5'9"/SCORPIO
Girl who wherever she goes misfortune follows. She doesn't really have any friends and likes to insert herself into drama. She does scheme a lot but she isn't a bad person and really she is just lonely. She ends up following around Ari because she thinks they are similar.
Hobby: tv
ari + miku

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