pride (latin: superbia) also known as hubris (from ancient greek ὕβρις), or futility, is irrationally believing that one is essentially and necessarily better, superior, or more important than others, failing to acknowledge the accomplishments of others, and excessive admiration of the personal image or self (especially forgetting one's own lack of divinity, and refusing to acknowledge one's own limits, faults, or wrongs as a human being).
fawkes [PRIDE]
37 y.o. - leo. - male. - 6'3".

fawkes is currently a wardog for the government, which is ruled by the church. he used to be an infamous mercenary leader, and is still well known for being a drunk, womanizing, boisterous madman. he weilds a giant diamond axe. he has a pretty great sense of humor and usually ends up taking care of others. his unique sin ability is extreme physical strength, able to use his strength and axe to do seismic damage.

hobby: playing piano
current goal: get out of being a wardog.
smells like: cologne, alcohol, smoke.
wiki (*wiki is a bit out of date)

fancast: hugh jackman
32 y.o. - cancer. - female. - 9'4".

a giant who was a loyal member of fawkes' mercenary group, and is still following him now. she is very emotional, overly sensitive, and easily offended, especially about her height. she is a tanky warrior but really just wants to get married. she is in love with fawkes but has not confessed her feelings to him.

hobby: sewing her own clothes.
current goal: follow fawkes.
25 y.o. - male. - virgo. - 5'9".

bratty mage who follows around his older brother, fawkes. he attents a university for mages, however he is currently taking a gap year. he is very serious and dislikes most people besides fawkes. he excels in fire spells.

hobby: practicing magic.
current goal: follow fawkes,