top 10 anime badasses

~this is a page dedicated to some of my favorite characters, in no particular order~

Name: Saiki Kusuo
Nickname: "Kuu-chan", "Aibo"
Anime: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.
Birthday: August 16
Likes: Coffee Jelly

a KUUdere who just wants to live a normal live despite god status.

Name: Kurosaki Ichigo
Nickname: "Substitute Shinigami"
Anime: Bleach
Birthday: July 15
Likes: Brooding

Ichigo was the ORIGINAL anime delinquent with a heart of gold.

Name: Sakuragi Hanamichi
Nickname: "The Basketball Genius", "King of Rebound"
Anime: Slam Dunk
Birthday: April 1
Likes: Basketball

a basketball genius who fights in the name of victory, friendship, and goofiness.

Name: Sakuta Azusagawa
Anime: Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai
Birthday: April 10
Likes: The beach

bleeding heart who takes care of everyone and doesnt care what anyone thinks of him.

Name: En
Manga: Dorohedoro
Birthday: December 29
Likes: Cats

bad ass mushroom man father. saves the day even if hes a villain.

Name: Araragi Koyomi
Anime: Monogatari Series
Likes: Pervy stuff

undisputed selfless king of sticking his neck out for others and getting his ass beat.

Name: He Tian
Manhwa: 19 Days
Likes: Aquariums

popular demonic lonely gay rich romantic delinquent with mafia connections.

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