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tomorrow x together

pronounced "tomorrow by together". a.k.a. TXT or tubatu

they are a 4th gen kpop boys group. here's my txt playlist :

i love them!! they are so funny and cool. i originally started liking them because i loved their music (eternity is my favorite ep of theirs). getting more into their content made them my favs <333 i especially love their variety show TO DO.

here are some of my favorite episodes :

check out their youtube channel~!

i only somewhat recently started getting into kpop but i really am enjoying it... kind of surprised with myself for not getting into it earlier. anyway tubatu is my favorite!!! i'm a certified MOA<3!!

NAME: soobin
BDAY: dec 5 2000
SIGN: sagittarius
LIKES: his pet hedgehog
SPECIAL TALENT: calming presence

soobin is mature, patient, kind, earnest, meticulous, and a good friend. he always makes sure everyone feels included and no one is left out. he is txt's leader. he is quite introverted (an inspiration to introverts everywhere). he is the youngest child in his family.

NAME: yeonjun
BDAY: sept 13 1999
SIGN: virgo
LIKES: americano coffee, legos

yeonjun is so cool, he has somewhat of a devilish aura. he's quick-witted, charismatic, and discerning. he's pure of heart despite seeming mischievous. he is really good at dancing. he likes to drink americanos.

NAME: beomgyu
BDAY: march 13 2001
SIGN: pisces
LIKES: screaming
SPECIAL TALENT: luck, being hilarious

beomgyu has a unique and lively personality. he's funny, energetic, and silly. he always puts others in a good mood. he has a "class clown" vibe. he is really good at playing characters.

NAME: taehyun
BDAY: feb 5 2002
SIGN: aquarius
LIKES: math, logic, working out
SPECIAL TALENT: genius, magic tricks

taehyun is so cool, confident, and composed. he's really smart (txt's last brain cell). he's very logical, and has a wry sense of humor. he is quick to reassure and support others. he used to be a boxer. he is left-handed.

NAME: huening kai
BDAY: aug 14 2002
SIGN: leo
LIKES: video games, plushies, eating
SPECIAL TALENT: speaks 4 languages (korean, english, japanese, chinese)

huening kai a.k.a. hyuka is sweet, kind, silly, and polite. he is always seeming very happy. he is very thoughtful and mindful of others. his laugh resembles a hyena or dolphin. he likes video games, especially pokemon. he can play guitar, piano, and drums. he used to play basketball. he was born in hawaii.